Display Owner Info Text on Android Lock Screen Which May Help You Get Back Lost Android Phone, Tablet


There are times when you might forget your android phone, tablet in a public place on a table or some where else, you can configure your android phone or tablet to display a text message on the lock screen which could convince a user to return the device to you. However this is not guaranteed […]

[How To] Make iPhone, iPad Alarm Sound Everyday or Repeat Automatically


Its been years since, I have been using iPhone but some of the options in iPhone are never able to find that easily, the other day I was trying to know how can I make an alarm on iPhone to ring everyday at a specific time. This was actually a very simple feature but some […]

[Tip] Capture Photos During Video Recording on iPhone 4 or 4s Camera


iPhone 5 has been recently announced and it comes with a new feature which allows you to capture photos with 8MP camera on iPhone 5 during video recording is on. However these photos taken while video recording is not same photos you can take from iPhone while shooting images but rather these images are 16:9 […]

[How To] Download Google Picasa Albums Photos Offline On Android Phone, Tablet


If you have ever used an android phone, you would know that the google account you enter while setting up your android phone, tablet is also used to fetch your photos from picasa web albums under gallery on your android device. Now you will automatically see all the photos uploaded on your google account online […]

Improve Kinetic Scrolling and Make Finger Swipe Smooth on Android Phone, Tablet


I have been using nexus 7 for more than 2 weeks, but one thing which I noticed during my usage is that when ever I need to navigate in between different home screes I noticed that it was actually not smooth transition and moving between homescreens on nexus 7 was not much finger friendly as […]

Block Adult, Porn Apps To Show In Android Play Store On Phones and Tablets


  One bad thing about android platform is that some adult or porn apps make their way to play store quite easily as compared iOS on apple devices where there is strict moderation process which block most of the apps even if there is some thing very wrong about it. Anyways coming back to the […]

Open Youtube In Desktop Version Site in iPad Safari Browser


  As most of us know the youtube app has been removed in the latest version released recently on iPad, so right now if you want to watch youtube video on iPad, you will need to open youtube.com in safari browser. Related Tip [Solved] Fix iPad Error Youtube Video is not Available on this Device […]

Freeze Nexus 7 Tablet Display In Portrait Mode or Landscape Mode


Its been a week since, I am using Nexus 7 android tablet, its really nice, light weight tablet which comes in a great form factor display. Recently I updated it to android 4.1.2 which has added a new feature of rotation of icons when hold the tablet in landscape mode or back to portrait mode […]

How To Block An App To Stop Using Location on iPhone, iPad


There are times when you may not want some specific apps to share your location data about where you are while you are using this app, the most frequent app for which users asked about this way to hide location is facebook. As for some people it could be quite uncomfortable to share their location […]

[Solved] Fix iPad Error Youtube Video is not Available on this Device


Recently when one of our readers was using his iPad running iOS 6 and when he tried to watch a youtube video using the safari browser, some of the videos from youtube refused to play with a error message saying Sorry, this video is not available on this device. Recommended Related Tip [Solved] Force Full […]