List Of Best Apps That Youth Should Not Miss This Festive Season


The festive season is on, and on must be your desires to own your favourite gadgets. We are buying gadgets like any time. The tyranny of choices cloud our buying decisions. Anyhow when we settle for the appropriate tablet or smartphone we reach out for our favourite softwares. And then choosing among the available is […]

List of Apps to Take Notes on your Android Device


Anything you read stays in your mind for only a certain amount of time. Having said that i am still struggling to mingle the habit of every time taking notes while reading or thinking. Taking notes on the fly actually is one of the biggest productivity boosters. Your ideas are fluid until they are penned […]

Get Nexus 5 Feel On Any Android Phone [Launcher, Camera,Hangouts,Keyboards APK]


Google Nexus range is in real. It gets launched quietly, without much fanfare and blows away its competitors completely in terms of price and quality. However the debate Android Vs iOS is not what we are here to discuss about. But some great stuffs for Android lovers. Its have been just hours since the Nexus […]

Shoot Slow Motion Videos at 60fps From any iPhone


One of the three features that iPhone 5S was overhauled with was its ability to record videos at extremely slow speed. The way it was advertised completely left us awestruck. As a user of iPhone 3GS, (yes i am still using that) i wondered if i could get a pinch of that feature in my […]

Top Five Apps of The Week For iOS and Android


Welcome to our “top apps of the week” series. In this series, every week we share few handpicked applications that are worth deserving your attention. The list contains apps for your android as well as iOS devices. We prefer to list out the apps which are free but also don’t avoid the ones which have […]

Block Annoying Ads In Android Apps, Games And Browser


Our fellow bloggers aptly call ads as “necessary evil”. Thats quite true too. Ads pay developers and in return you get the free services. As long as the developer is getting paid from apps, you will continue to get updates as well as the battery of other interesting apps. The chain follows. Sometimes, these “necessary […]

Photo4id Assists You in Taking Passport and Visa Photos


To adhere by each and every terms and requirements of services is not at all that easy. And when it comes to passports and visas, government strict to the conditions like iron and magnet. Any deviation from the listed rules and you are nearly busted. When it comes to appropriate pictures for passports and visas, […]

Top Five Brain Teaser Apps for Android


Our brain is nothing but a kind of natural machinery. This natural machinery needs some tweaks and tasks to perform everyday. A mind can turn dull without any efforts and obviously no one wants that. So today we bring out a list of five Android applications which makes your brain perform and perform under pressure. […]

Auto Backup Apps Before Upgrading to a Newer Version in Android


Upgrading of apps and software are often associated with excitement because of addition of newer features. But there might be a situation where you have come across the shock of your “beloved” feature being discontinued in the upgrade. Being clueless (obviously) you would have compromised without your “beloved” feature as there is no way to […]

Change Your Android Phone’s UI Like Windows 8 Phones


The extent of customisation in the Android phones is not a new thing to write about. It is the only OS in the world which can wear the any OS’s user interface and still work flawlessly. In this post i have tried to make my android Phone look alike the Windows 8 UI (Live tiles […]