List of Google Play Store Alternatives [Android]


When you want new apps for your Android device, the only and only place to look forward to is the Google Play Store app. But there are other alternatives out there in the market too which are worth taking a look at. In this post we will be talking about five best apps that are […]

List Of On-The-Go-Shopping Apps For Android and iOS


Shopping is something that humans have been doing since ages, and in the 21st century it has only become more convenient. Convenience, not because of the introduction of new and trustworthy ecommerce websites, but because of the fact that now one can shop anything at any time through your iPhone and Android smartphone. In this […]

FX File Explorer Offers Dual Pane, Multi Window Experience On Android


We are all aware of the size of the app ecosystem for Android and for each type there are plenty of options available. Talking about file explorers in specific, there are way too many apps to look forward to and for sure each of them offers something different and innovative. However the most simple and […]

Download Android Photos From The Cloud To Your Device To Access Locally Without Internet


One of the interesting things about the Android operating system is the interconnection it has with several other online services. People using the same Gmail email address, the one used to set up their android device, on such online services often find their data synced with their device. The above lines seem confusing but the […]

Send Files, Links, Notes, And Lists To Android From PC


Transferring information / data from your personal computer to your android device can be easy or cumbersome depending on the type of information it is. Copying media such as video and music files from your computer to android is an easy task as each type of media has a dedicated folder inside, and all you […]

Turn Your Own Images Into Interactive, Wobbling Live Wallpapers On Android


We click pictures every now and then. While most of them are meant to be cherished at times, there are plenty which are useless for the time being and looking at these unusable pictures while browsing through the gallery makes us think why we clicked them. For sure you can apply filters and add effects […]

Intelliring Automatically Changes Ringtone Volume Depending On Surrounding Noise Levels


One of the most embarrassing situations that many of us must have faced is when we are at a place that demands silence and seriousness, and our phone rings out loud creating unwanted disturbance. The best example would be of a meeting during which your phone rings and everybody starts staring at you because it […]

SAO Launcher Allows You To Launch Apps And Messaging From Anywhere


When we say launchers usually it means an app that will completely replace your stock android launcher. But at the same time, we also have launcher application that work along with conventional replacement launchers. Well if that was difficult to understand, the app that we are going to review today will make things clearer for […]

Download APKs Of Apps & Games Installed On Android To Your Computer


What is an APK file? APK or Android application package file is the file format of applications which we install on Google’s Android operating system. Most of the new users who have switched recently to android aren’t familiar with this file format as while downloading applications or games from the play store the packages get […]

How To Use Google Maps In Offline Mode On Android


As we all know Google has recently updated most of its services along with the new Google Maps and while we are liking the minimalist look, users are also complaining that Google has removed one of the most important features: Offline map mode. In the earlier versions of Google Maps users were able to save […]