Instagram For Android User Review


Instagram app that has been making lots of news in the iOS world so far, is now reaching out to other platforms as well, for instance is now available in Google Play Store(the Android Market). The app enables you to present all your photos in a more unique, refreshing ways. Pick from one of several […]

Free Android Phone Antivirus and Lost Phone Finder App


Today, our phones play an inevitable role in our lives. One day our phones is not working or we had misplaced/lost it somewhere, the panic knocks our doors. The phone’s security covers 3 essential aspects – 1. protection from viruses, malware and spyware 2. keeping all its data safe and protected 3. it should not […]

Switch Across Running Apps on Android Phone


If you are the one who use various apps simultaneously on your Android device and wish to get rid of the traditional way of switching over different apps i.e tapping on the ‘home’ icon, then tapping on the ‘menu’ icon, selecting the other app and then finally starting using it – a pretty lengthy, boring […]

10 Best Tips To Increase Android Phone, Tablet Battery Usage Time


Well, the Android Operating System has taken the telecom industry by the storm and is rapidly moving towards the highest position in the Smartphones’ market share. With the OS’s enticing  features, functionality and the apps market providing loads of exciting apps to the delight of its customers, Android has a long way to go in […]

Find Which Apps, Process On Android Phone Using Most Battery Power


Android OS is catching up and spreading into the Smartphones market at a rapid face, almost unstoppable. But it’s battery consumption, the phone’s running time before the battery gets completely exhausted has been a major issue. Now there is always some inbuilt adjustments and info on the usage of battery that you can use to […]

Get Weather Info Of Location Around Your Android Phone


Weather plays an inevitable role in our everyday decision making of planning our outdoor activities, from daily routine commuting between the workplace and home to plan a vacation or just a nearby outing with friends and family. It helps to be informed about the weather conditions before deciding to plan these things. Now how to […]

15 Best Free Mobile Antivirus For Android Phone & iPhone


The smartphones these days can perform most of the tasks that required conventional desktop computers and laptops few years back. There’s also too much of downloading stuff on your mobile phones – apps, games, videos, etc. And with these downloads, there is always a chance of some virus attacking your Smartphone’s software just as in […]

Find Out State, City of Mobile Phone Number In India On Android Phone


There are times in our personal lives when we would like to know about the location of the caller, especially for someone bothering us or to find out if the caller(friend, colleague, business partner, family person, etc) is being truthful about his/her location. We can use some mobile apps that can make that possible for […]

3 Free Web Meeting Apps For Android Phones


Managing and attending our important meetings is hell of a task these fast paced days of work. You would not like to reach your office and then plan all the things everytime, instead, you want it done on the go or even have a meeting on the go through video-audio conferencing. Banckle Online Meeting app […]

5 Free Apps To Hide, Lock Photos & Videos In Gallery On Android Phone


Our Smartphones are no longer a public commodity to be used by anyone out there and that includes our friends and family too. With all the private videos and pictures we want to have on our devices that we would not like to be seen by others without our consent, our mobiles have become the […]