Battery Doctor app in iOS to Check and Maintain the Battery Life


Advertisement The Beijing Kingsoft Internet Security software Co. ltd introduced an application: “Battery Doctor” . This is one of the most useful app you can find in IOS as this application as it gives you battery status with details of which application is consuming how much batter and solution of how you can save your [...]

Copy Photos, Videos and Songs From Whatsapp To PC or Mac [iOS]


iPhone provide many secured feature and one of the security example is you can not send or download a music from whats app i.e if your friend has sent you a song or any music file you can hear it on whats app but you can not save it to your music player in iPhone. [...]

How Blind People Can Use iPhone


Apple being the best of his competitors has provided one of the very interesting features in iphone and Ipod for blind people, which is named as “voiceover”. This feature is provided for the Blind people especially which can read the tab or name of the application where the user will tab once and if the [...]

Send Feedback or Report Incorrect or Missing Address in Google Maps iOS App


Google map is one of the best address navigation maps and is the most used application. Google map has really tried to provide you almost route with detail route but Sometime while using this application you would have found that some address is not correct or might be some one way was not mentioned correctly [...]

[How To] Correct Voice Commands When Siri Misunderstood


Siri is one of the most useful feature provide in the Iphne 4S and iPhone 5 which could help you to operate your phone using your voice. This feature was provided to command your device by voice. But many time you could exeperience the difficulty using this device. Many time it could happen that Siri [...]

[Solved] Fix iOS Wi-Fi Speed Issues After Upgrade on iPhone 5


Many times while downloading the app from the App Store you would have experienced the problem with wifi speed. You would have observed that IOS devices was showing the consistencies with wifi speed while you are using you are using it for any purpose other than downloading app from Apps store but when it comes [...]

Turn off Siri Launch When You Place iPhone on Ears


Raise to Speak is an interesting feature in Iphone 4s and Iphone 5 that supports Siri. With this function whenever you raise your phone to your ear, when you are not on call, the Siri will be activated . This is an additional option, with double clicking on the home Button to enable the siri. [...]

Instant Increase in Battery Backup Time on iPhone With Battery Doctor