[3-Must Apps List] Watchout, Neatly and Repix


This section will include the three applications which have been randomly selected and primarily which may end up satisfying three different needs of the users. As a short preface, I would say that today we have covered an application for the Twitter lovers, this application will give them a new interface and few more parameters […]

List Of Live Weather Widgets for Android

Weather Screen

Weather unarguably plays important role in our life. To cite an instance, our vacations depend on the climatic conditions. Obviously we every now and then turn to our phone for the required information. Since the very beginning i have been writing this down that what ever it is android doesn’t lack quality weather applications (for […]

List of Best Apps For Scanning Documents on Android and iOS


It was just few years back when we scanning a document meant connecting a scanner first, then placing the document in the required orientation and then keeping the digital format in memorable format. But just imagine the way offers have been now, where you either need to produce the previous bill number to avail the […]

List Of Alternative Apps For Gmail for Android


Google’s Android has some of the best apps of smartphone-verse. Maps, Drive, Gmail, just to name a few of them. Majority of them come from the maker Google itself. I am assuming there is a slight chance you might be fed up with its services and hence are looking out for some alternatives. So here […]

List Of Best Apps That Youth Should Not Miss This Festive Season


The festive season is on, and on must be your desires to own your favourite gadgets. We are buying gadgets like any time. The tyranny of choices cloud our buying decisions. Anyhow when we settle for the appropriate tablet or smartphone we reach out for our favourite softwares. And then choosing among the available is […]

List of Apps to Take Notes on your Android Device


Anything you read stays in your mind for only a certain amount of time. Having said that i am still struggling to mingle the habit of every time taking notes while reading or thinking. Taking notes on the fly actually is one of the biggest productivity boosters. Your ideas are fluid until they are penned […]

Top Five Brain Teaser Apps for Android


Our brain is nothing but a kind of natural machinery. This natural machinery needs some tweaks and tasks to perform everyday. A mind can turn dull without any efforts and obviously no one wants that. So today we bring out a list of five Android applications which makes your brain perform and perform under pressure. […]

Three best Calculator Apps for iPhone


Whatever it is, Apple’s app store don’t lack calculator applications. But among around 500 available calculator apps, it would be a very hectic task for you to decide the best among them. Therefore we pick best three (which are also free) for you to use for your daily calculations. The choice is not limited just […]

Android Apps That Remind For Birthday, Special Occasions in Your Life

Contact Plus on Android

Sometimes it is bound to happen that we miss wishing some of our friend’s birthday. And the next day we have to use the word “belated” in our wish which of course is awkward. If you are a Android phone user, here are few free apps that you might consider giving a try. These app […]

Top Rated iPhone Apps To Read News Global or Local

Recently I read an article on a newspaper that 40 percent readers have stopped subscribing newspapers at their home and most of these users are youth who use tech gizmos to cover every piece of information related to news, while they are on move. There are lots of applications which can help you to get […]