Top Rated iPhone Apps For Tracking Physical Running Activity

Running is fun when we can keep a track on it and believe me, running on a treadmill in gym is no fun as compared to running on in a park or outside your home, but then many of the users prefer to go for gym because they can keep a track on the calories […]

5 Top Rated Dictionary Apps For iPhone

Those days have gone when we used to have a fat pocket dictionary in our pockets to check the meaning of the tedious words while reading newspapers or magazines. That surely used to consume lots of time, by going on to that page and then searching it and by any chance if that book has […]

4 Best Top Rated iPhone Apps For Updates From London Olympics 2012

Now when Olympics 2012 has already started then, users must be searching the App Store to get in touch with the latest events at London. In this daily hustle, you cannot afford to find the schedule of your favorite match on your newspaper. So, we have enlisted some applications which will provide you all the […]

4 iPhone Apps To Auto Send Birthday Wishes On Facebook [ Works on Android ]


In these days of busy life, we generally forget to wish our close friends and now when Facebook helps us to remind the birthdays of every one of them and it also helps us to wish them, it has become lot easier for us to be reminded of the birthdays, but still we cannot manage […]

15 Best Free Mobile Antivirus For Android Phone & iPhone


The smartphones these days can perform most of the tasks that required conventional desktop computers and laptops few years back. There’s also too much of downloading stuff on your mobile phones – apps, games, videos, etc. And with these downloads, there is always a chance of some virus attacking your Smartphone’s software just as in […]