[Solved] Fix iPad Error Youtube Video is not Available on this Device


Recently when one of our readers was using his iPad running iOS 6 and when he tried to watch a youtube video using the safari browser, some of the videos from youtube refused to play with a error message saying Sorry, this video is not available on this device. Recommended Related Tip [Solved] Force Full […]

[Solved] Fix Youtube Videos on iPad Stuck or Stop Loading [For iPhone Also]


As per the user feedback playing youtube videos on iPad can be real painful experience some times as it more often the youtube videos get stuck while playing or lag or just keep buffering but does not play at all. It happened with those users specially who were trying to mirror the ipad screen to […]

[Solved] Fix Apps In Waiting Mode While Updating, Downloading on iPad, iPhone


There are many users who faced this issue when they see some apps gets stuck in waiting mode while the others are updated when you update large number of apps on your iPhone, iPad and it may happen to some apps being individually updated. One of my friend told me about this problem when an […]

[Solved] Fix Broken Mute Button on iPhone


No matter how expensive your iPhone is and how carefully you handle it, at times mishaps can take place such as the phone slipping through your hand and falling on the ground, falling off a table and so on. The end result of any such mishap is commonly either a broken screen, broken mute button […]

[Solved] Fix Cannot Hear Audio From iPad While Playing Videos or Using Apps

Cannot Hear Audio From iPad While Playing Videos or Using Apps

Some of our readers who have ipad reported this strange problem when they are not able to hear sound from the ipad while playing a youtube video or some other video, they experienced the same thing as there was no sound when they tried using some apps. Even of there is some sound that’s used […]

[Solved] Cannot Delete Installed Apps On My iPad, iPhone – Forgot Restriction Passcode 4 Digit


From time to time we keep receiving different iPad, iPhone problems, we keep fixing them on our iPhone, iPad Fix Forum but some of them we pick and solve it here as detailed solution just like this post. Recently we got this question from one of our readers Rahul who has this strange problem as […]