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[Solved] Fix iPad Error Youtube Video is not Available on this Device

Recently when one of our readers was using his iPad running iOS 6 and when he tried to watch a youtube video using the safari browser, some of the videos from youtube refused to play with a error message saying Sorry, this video is not available on this device.

photo (9)

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If you have faced some thing similar or seen the same error message shown above, then don’t worry as there is a simple way you can get rid of this error and play the video on your iPad, iPhone.

Play Youtube Video By Using Third Party Video Player Application

Yes, for those videos where you see the error message like this video is not available on your device you can install some third party apps on your iPad or iPhone and then play the videos in these apps and it should play fine as it happened in our case for one of the video which was showing up this error.

One such app which allows you to watch all the youtube videos on iPad is You Player – YouTube Player for iOS6 which allows you to watch any youtube video without any issues. This app has full universal app with support for the iPhone 5 and iPad and play any videos available for embedding including most music videos.

photo 1

Another app is called Jasmine which has a better interface design which is more precisely designed for iPad, but this app does not play all the videos from youtube.

photo 2


This is how you can solve the issue of video not playing on iPad, We hope the above methods helps you to fix the stuck playback while watching a youtube video. If you have a related problem or  query we suggest you to use the comment section below to let us know about it, and we will try our best to solve it for you.

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[Solved] Fix Youtube Videos on iPad Stuck or Stop Loading [For iPhone Also]

As per the user feedback playing youtube videos on iPad can be real painful experience some times as it more often the youtube videos get stuck while playing or lag or just keep buffering but does not play at all. It happened with those users specially who were trying to mirror the ipad screen to their TV via apple TV or via iPad accessory.

iPad youtube video playback problems could appear due to slow internet connection, cookies stored in the iPad or some other reason like sometimes there might be a problem with the video itself which you are trying to play.

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There are different solutions for youtube video playback problems, all these methods are mentioned below.

Decrease The Video Playback Quality

One simple way you can make sure that a youtube video runs smoothly, you can set the preference under your youtube account, under Settings >> Playback and then specify that you are on slow speed internet connection so that youtube does not play the videos in HD on your iPad.

slow internet youtube

So this way when you are watching youtube video and you are signed in to your youtube account, it wont play videos automatically in HD so that video plays smoothly at slow internet speed as well, however there will be a little compromise on the video quality this way.

Watch The Video In Safari and Lower The Resolution Manually

In case when you are watching the video on youtube without logging to your youtube account, then you can try watching a youtube video in safari browser which plays the flash videos on youtube by transcoding the video content. 


It allows you to lower down the screen resolution of the videos you are watching, you can decrease the video quality by tapping the gear icon on the youtube video playback bar.

photo (6)

Clear Browser Cookies On Your iPad

One reason for video not playing is the loaded cookies and cache, which you can clean under Settings >> Safari and then tap on the option which says clear cookies and data. 

photo (8)

Similarly you can clear the history on iPhone as well if you are experiencing similar issue on iPhone, this way many iPad users solved the video playback problems on iPad.

Change DNS Server on Your iPad

This may sound strange this solution worked for many iPad and iPhone users out there who were facing youtube video playback problems. As per this solution you need to change the DNS servers of your home router to speed up the video playback.

Try changing your systems’s DNS servers to those offered by OpenDNS. To do so,

  • Tap Settings
  • Tap Wi-Fi on the left-hand side
  • Tap the blue arrow next to your current Wi-Fi network
  • Tap the “DNS” field and enter the following:,


    This is how you can solve the problem of slow video playback for youtube videos on your ipad and iPhone and similar apple devices. We hope the above methods helps you to fix the stuck playback while watching a youtube video. If you have a related problem or  query we suggest you to use the comment section below to let us know about it, and we will try our best to solve it for you.

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[Solved] Fix Apps In Waiting Mode While Updating, Downloading on iPad, iPhone

There are many users who faced this issue when they see some apps gets stuck in waiting mode while the others are updated when you update large number of apps on your iPhone, iPad and it may happen to some apps being individually updated.


One of my friend told me about this problem when an app which was set to update got hanged in waiting mode, in the beginning he though it is some internet related issue and then he restarted the iPad but still apps was in waiting mode and finally he deleted the app and re installed it from the app store. Some of the users faced the app hanged in waiting mode after they synced their apple device with iTunes.

Apps Won’t Download But Show Waiting Mode While Updating What To Do ?

This problem is quite common among apple device users, so it may happen to anyone with any apple device including iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch. Now as per the responses we have got from users there are various ways to actually solve this problem.

Delete The App In Waiting Mode and Re Install It From App Store

One easy way to solve this problem is to delete the app which is showing in waiting state when you tried to update or download a new app, if you are trying to update the app and then this way all the data of the app from your iPad or iPhone will get deleted, but this way you should be able to get away from this problem.

To delete the app in waiting mode, tap and hold on the app you see in waiting mode and then you will see the apps jiggling and then tap the cross button shown on the app in waiting mode.

Restart Your iPad or iPhone To Fix Apps In Waiting Mode

Some users were able to fix this by restarting the apple device to resume the apps which are stuck in waiting mode, so you can try this as well. In order to restart your iPad or iPhone, press the power or sleep button and keep it press until you see the slide to power off red slider on the screen.

Soft Reset Of iPad or iPhone Will Fix This

Log out of your iTunes store account on iPhone or iPad – for this  Go to Settings > Store > Sign Out Then press the Home button. Now press and hold the Home and Sleep buttons simultaneously and don’t release them when it brings up the Turn Off screen; keep holding them until the Apple logo appears. After restart, the Waiting state should be gone for all the apps.

Open iTunes On Device and Delete All The Downloads Going On

One of our users easily fixed this issue by, following the simple steps. Open iTunes on your device, look at downloads and you will find one of them is stuck. Delete it by swiping right and bingo. It’s fixed.

Reset Your Device and Restore From iCloud or Other Backup

Please Note: Make sure you backup your iPad in iTunes or on iCloud before you follow the steps below.

Go to Settings -> General –> Reset – then select Erase all contents and settings

On startup, choose “Restore from iCloud backup”, or “Set up as new iPad” as per your preference.


At least on of the method specified above should be able to fix the problem for you when you are facing the apps in waiting mode and not getting downloaded or updated on your iPad or iPhone.

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[Solved] Fix Broken Mute Button on iPhone

No matter how expensive your iPhone is and how carefully you handle it, at times mishaps can take place such as the phone slipping through your hand and falling on the ground, falling off a table and so on. The end result of any such mishap is commonly either a broken screen, broken mute button or malfunctioning volume buttons and headphone jack and in worst of the cases, all at the same time.

Now the mute button is extremely useful in switching between General and Silent profile modes but what if it is broken or it does not perform its function when moved? Well there are a couple of situations that one may be in and they are as follows:

  1. If your iPhone is non-jailbroken and you want to use the mute feature without spending any penny on getting the physical key fixed, we will discuss about the accessibility feature which is an integrated part of the iOS.
  2. If your iPhone is jailbroken and you do not want to spend money on replacement of your broken physical key, we have a couple of Cydia tweaks that will definitely solve your problem
  3. If the physical mute key is completely broken and you cannot afford to get it fixed from the apple store but do want to get a new key, you can try changing the headphone jack, volume button and mute key assembly on your own. All these three parts are a single unit and you can order one online and replace the part on your own using a guide which will be discussed below.

Method 1: Using AssisstiveTouch Feature (Applies To Non-Jailbroken Phones)

Let us start with the situation number 2 where your iPhone is non-jailbroken. In such a case you are blessed by Apple’s brilliant iOS that has an integrated feature with which you can perform any action without touching any of the physical keys. AccesiblityTouch is an awesome feature which can be found under Settings>General>Accessibility>AssistiveTouch and you just to go there and enable it.(See the image below for reference). On enabling it a small square shaped button will appear on the screen(see the button on the right edge of the screenshot) and it will remain visible always from now onwards, though it will fade out when you are moving your finger on the screen.


Now to show you how you can mute or unmute your phone without using the physical key, follow what I say. Tap on the virtual button(you can tap on it from anywhere, no need to come to the homescreen). Of the four options choose Device.


Under the device section you have a number of buttons such as for locking the screen, increasing or decreasing the volume etc. Here you will see a button with a bell(on the extreme left). Tap on it and your device will me muted, provided it is on General, tapping it again will switch to silent mode.


Method 2: Cydia Tweaks (Applies To Jailbroken Phones)

If you have a jailbroken phone, you can visit Cydia and download any of the available tweaks that will help you switch between General and Silent mode using the Activator app only. One of the most reliable and simple to use tweak is SilentMode Switcher. It is a paid tweak but if you installed pirated repositories on Cydia, you can install it for free. Once it is installed, head to Activator app and choose an action which will trigger the tweak. In my case I used double tap on status bar as the triggering action. Trust me friends this tweak really works that too like a charm.


If you want to consider other tweaks as well, try Auto Silent. It is also a paid tweak but comes with automatic and manual switching functionality.

SilentMode Switcher Video Demo

Method 3 (Hardware Fix)

If your iPhone is under warranty and there is no physical damage visible on the body, try visiting the nearest Apple Store and make an excuse such as it has stopped working a few hours ago. If they do not find any dents or damage on the body of the device, they will probably fix it for free or, in the luckiest of the cases, replace your device.

But I am sure not many of are that lucky, so what can we do? If you really want to try the replacement procedure on your own there are a couple of guides available on the internet.

iPhone 3GS Mute Key Replacement – Tutorial

iPhone 3GS Mute Switch Fix Video

iPhone 4/4S Mute Key Replacement – Tutorial

iPhone 4 Mute Switch Fix Video

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[Solved] Fix Cannot Hear Audio From iPad While Playing Videos or Using Apps

Some of our readers who have ipad reported this strange problem when they are not able to hear sound from the ipad while playing a youtube video or some other video, they experienced the same thing as there was no sound when they tried using some apps. Even of there is some sound that’s used to come while using a app like playing game they could hear the same.

Cannot Hear Audio From iPad While Playing Videos or Using Apps

After searching about this strange problem we found out several solutions for the same to solve this problem. Considering different scenarios following are some solutions for this problem. 

Slide Switch is Set To Mute

In most of the cases this problem can easily solved on any ipad, under Settings >> General and then make sure that the settings which says Use Slide Switch to should be for lock rotation and even if it set to mute sound, try toggling the button up or down if you hear any sound. If it is set to mute position your ipad will not produce any sounds in apps, games or video you are playing or anything you do on your ipad. To Locate the slide to switch button on ipad read here how to make ipad silent or you can learn more about ipad slide to switch button.

Check iPad Volume If Its low

This is first thing one will check if they don’t hear sound from ipad while playing a video or listening to a song, so if you haven’t then try increasing the ipad volume by pressing the volume up key, this may be you can check it if that works for you and you may hear the sound.

Try Resetting or Restarting Your iPad

If even after following the above methods then you can try resetting your ipad, don’t worry it wont delete any user data on the ipad. To do this,  Press and hold the Sleep/Wake button for a few seconds until the red "slide to power off" slider appears, and then slide the slider.

Following steps tell you how to reset your ipad.

Note: Reset your device only if it is no longer responding and the steps above do not work.

Press and hold the Sleep/Wake button and the Home button together for at least ten seconds, until the Apple logo appears.

Note: If this no sound is with some specific video only, try playing other video to see if the video itself is problem.

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[Solved] Cannot Delete Installed Apps On My iPad, iPhone – Forgot Restriction Passcode 4 Digit

From time to time we keep receiving different iPad, iPhone problems, we keep fixing them on our iPhone, iPad Fix Forum but some of them we pick and solve it here as detailed solution just like this post. Recently we got this question from one of our readers Rahul who has this strange problem as he narrated on my ipad, he said.

Cannot Delete Installed Apps On My iPad, iPhone

“I have iPad 2 32 GB my father bought it on my birthday, he also uses this ipad for his work some times, the other day I noticed I was not able to delete certain apps which I installed on my ipad, what could be the possible reason for this problem, how can I fix the same?”

After doing after our research we came to this conclusion that there is no other reason for some one could not delete the apps on their iphone or ipad apart from the one, i.e some other users has enabled the restriction which could stop you from deleting apps accidently with a passcode.

Enabled Restrictions With Passcode

So the Root cause of the problem is that you have enabled restriction feature on your ipad or iphone which is under Settings >> General >> Restrictions – It stops you do the following things – It may prevent you from using Safari App, Youtube, Camera, Facetime, iTunes, Ping Feature and you can not install or delete apps as well as shown in the image above.

What You Could Do To Solve This Problem?

You can easily disable this restrictions by going to Settings >> General >> Restrictions and tap on Disable Restrictions and then enter the right passcode to disable the settings which does not allow you to stop deleting apps.

What If I don’t Know or Remember The Passcode?

There is no possible solution other than restoring your ipad, iphone to previous backup you have done with iTunes or from iCloud, to know how to restore from iTunes you can read the guide at this page.

But How To Restore From iCloud?

Unfortunately, the restore from iCloud is not that simple like you do with iTunes, as restore can only be done as per apple from iCloud when your device is new that means you changed your device or upgraded or when you are messed up with all the app or the entire device. 

So, to restore your device with last backup go to General choose Reset, and then select Erase All Content and Settings. Your device will be restored to factory conditions as shown in the image below.

reset iphone settings and delete all data

Once all data and settings are deleted, then you will be prompted with a screen which allows you to restore your backup from iCloud as shown in the image below.

restore from icloud backup iphone

Please Note: Make sure you restore from the backup when there was no restriction enabled at the time when you made that backup or else you will see the problem to persist again, but so this you will need to restore from the old backup from icloud but still we not sure whether icloud keeps revision backups on apple online servers.

Note: only data is in the backup. Content, if not in iTunes, will need to be reloaded (if it was purchased in iTunes, non-purchased music requires iTunes Match) and make sure you save all important files, pictures, whatever before hand. Email them if necessary. You can get back the apps without a backup, but you can not get back their content.

Is the Cydia Apps You Want To Delete?

If it is the cydia installed apps and tweaks which you want to delete from your iphone, ipad. Follow the procedure below to know how to delete Cydia apps, there are two ways to do this mentioned below.

Open Cydia, press Manage, press Packages. Find the package you want to remove. Press it, press "Modify" in the upper-right corner of the screen, press remove, then confirm or Download "CyDelete" from Cydia. This allows you to delete Cydia apps in the same way you do for App Store apps on your iphone, ipad.

No Jailbreak Does Not Stop You From Deleting Apps On iPhone, iPad

Please note that there is no possible way any jailbreak tweak or installing cydia cannot cause this problem on your apple device, so if your ipad, iphone is jailbroken please don’t think it could jailbreaking your apple device which has caused this problem.

Recover The Forgotten Passcode Code

Yes, there is way with which you could retrieve the forgotten passcode on your apple device as shown in the video below but this used to work for iphone. ipad running older versions on iOS.