[Tip] Capture Photos During Video Recording on iPhone 4 or 4s Camera


iPhone 5 has been recently announced and it comes with a new feature which allows you to capture photos with 8MP camera on iPhone 5 during video recording is on. However these photos taken while video recording is not same photos you can take from iPhone while shooting images but rather these images are 16:9 […]

[Solved] Email on iPhone or iPad Are Not Sent In Background rather Stuck in Outbox


It has happened with me and many of our readers when they tried sending an email from their iPhone, iPad but once they tap on the send button and if they minimize the mail app the emails are rather stopped in background from being sent and all these emails are stuck in background. Force Full […]

[Solved] Can’t Download Apps After Updating To iOS 6


If you of those users of apple device who is downloading lot of apps at the same times, these apps could be some of the apps you had already installed and other ones which you are downloading fresh, some of the iPad and iPhone users reported that they are no longer able to download or […]

[Solved] WiFi Sync Does Not Work on iPad, iPhone After iOS 6 Upgrade


Some of our users reported that they are no longer been able to do a wifi sync after they upgraded their apple devices to iOS 6, some of them did had problems with WiFi connectivity after iOS 6 OTA upgrade but this issue is quite different. For some users it affects the some Sharing. Upgraded […]

[Solved] Stop iPhone, iPad or iPod Contents Gets Deleted When Synced With iTunes


Many users have reported that they lose all the data once they connect their iPhone to iTunes. Now, it is one of the major issues which an iPhone user must have faced once and this is really annoying when you connect your iPhone and then all data gets vanished. Before proceeding further let me tell […]

[Solved] iPhone Does Not Boot Up or Turn On


Lately one of my friends happen to face a very troublesome situation where the screen of his iphone went black. He tried pressing all the buttons a couple of times and even charged it for while but he was unlucky. I asked him a couple of times what according to him the possible reason for […]

Enable Zoom Slider iPhone With A Tap On Screen While Using Camera

Enable Zoom Slider iPhone With A Tap On Screen While Using Camera

We got this problem reported by some of iphone users as they were not happy with the feature that iphone does not allow to zoom in while taking a picture, as some of us know tap to activate the zoom slider while using the iphone camera has been removed in iOS 5. Now if you […]

Tweet Faster On iPhone


Yes, this post it dedicated to twitter addicts like me, and if you tweet more than you talk then you should be interested in this article, as the tittle says I will tell you all the ways in this article about how you can you tweet with your iphone faster than any app on iphone, […]

[Solved] Block Receiving Calls, SMS On iPhone From Some Phone Numbers

iBlacklist iphone

  Yes, you can  block calls and messages coming from specific phone numbers on iphone, however this feature is mainly controlled by the phone signal provider, so in case you want a complete solution you can ask your phone provider to block a number so that you stop receiving calls and sms messages or mms […]

[Solved] Cannot Add Gmail Account In iPhone Mail App

cannot add google account in iphone

We got this problem related email from most of our readers and most of them reported the strange error that they cannot add gmail account in iphone mail app, as per them they cant add their gmail account in iphone when they go to Settings >> Mail, Contacts and Calendar >> Add Account. As per […]