[Solved] Add, Import Multiple VCF Contacts Files Into iPhone, iPad

import vcf contacts into iphone

Recently, one of my friend bought a new iphone 3GS previously he was using a nokia 5300 from which he imported all his contacts phone numbers as .VCF files which were lying in a folder, now the task was to import all these VCF files a different contacts into his new iphone 3gs anyway possible. […]

[Solved] Fix iPhone Runs Slow Due To Apps or After Firmware Upgrade


There are many times when we receive emails from our readers who are so much fed of slow iphone speed while using multiple apps and on the other hand some users experienced slow running iphone and some time unresponsive iphone after a recent new firmware upgrade. Some users really feel that it is the jailbreak […]

[Solved] Fix Facebook Runs Slow, Crash on iPhone


There are many iphone users who sent us the mail regarding slow facebook app on their iphone, for some it happened once they updated the facebook app it become very slow to load, the new latest version of facebook app now as I am writing this post is really slow to load on all iphone […]

[Solved] Cannot Send or Receive iMessage On iPad, iPhone or Macbook

Cannot Send or Receive iMessage On iPad, iPhone or Macbook

We have been getting lot of problem emails related to iMessage as when they cannot send iMessage from iPhone, iPad or Macbook and while others cannot receive iMessage on apple devices. Now when it comes to scenarios every time we get a new story for instance, some say they can’t send or receive iMessage from […]

[Solved] Fix iPhone Stopped Charging and Shows Fully Charged But Its Not

iphone stopped charging

Some iphone recently reported this problem as per which they told us that suddenly their iphone started showing fully charged when its not fully charged, for some users their iphone stopped charging either they plug it through the wall charger or to a running computer using the iPhone USB cable. This problem can happen with […]

[Solved] Repair iPhone Power Lock Broken Button Guide

fix iphone power button

This problem is becoming quite common among different iphone users when the power lock button on their iphone stopped working, most of iphone 4, 4s and 3gs users has faced this problem on their iphone. Some users say the power / sleep key on iphone suddenly becomes difficult to press and for some of the […]

[Solved] Fix iPhone, iPad Does Not Connect To Wifi Network

iPhone, iPad Does Not Connect To Some Wifi Network

Many of our readers reported this problem when their iphone does not connect to some wifi network, as they say “Cant get my iphone to connect to wifi network” and some say they “cannot connect their new iphone to connect to home network”. After some research on this iphone problem, we found out that there […]

[Solved] iPhone, iPod Touch Screen Does Not Respond To Touch or Tap On Screen


I have been using iPhone since iphone 2g was out by apple, since that time I learned a lot about iphone working and their problems and the solutions to different iphone issues. Now suddenly some days back I experienced an issue when my iPhone Touch Screen Does Not Respond To Touch or Tap On Screen […]

Remove Location Services Arrow Icon In iPhone Status Bar


Some of my friends reported about an issues they were facing on their iphone running iOS 5 or later, as per their description they said they were seeing the purple arrow in the top status bar on iphone, In this post we will tell you how to remove location services arrow icon in iphone status […]

[Solved] iPhone 4S, 4 Overheating With iOS 5 [Possible Solutions]


Apple has created the desired stir in the market with its latest iPhone, the iPhone 4S. It has some remarkable features both on the hardware and operating system level. Except the very exclusive Siri, most of the new features are available for older devices as well, but surprisingly the phone and the operating system have […]