Google Now get Updated with Voice Based Commands and Reminders [iOS]


Google Search application on iOS device has been upgraded with some of the great new features which Android users were already enjoying for the past few months and now the features of this application on both the platforms are same. They have added the feature of location based reminders in the application itself. Google Now […]

BBM Finally arrives on iOS7 Platform [Download Link]

For all the BBM lovers who had to switch from Blackberry to Android in order to enjoy huge and good variety of application would love to know that Blackberry has not officially released their BBM application for the iPhone application and I am still not sure about the Android version of this application. This application […]

Activity Reporter: Can Track anything on an Android Gadget


Sometimes you wish you had something application installed on your tablet or phone which could actually track everything being happening on that device because you don’t know what happens to it when you leave for office. You may need the same application when you want to keep an eye on our kid who constantly uses […]

Sygic India GPS and Navigation Application gets FREE for Android


Sygic India is an application specially dedicated to the road maps of India and let me tell you that it is really expensive usually (1599 INR). Most of the times I have users discussing on the forum to download the apk file for free of this application from other sources but the actual point it […]

Line Messnger to Get Video Calling and Short Clips Sharing


We have already reviewed Line Messenger for you as we had a certain clue that this instant messenger has been growing at a very good rate because of the multiple features it provides in a single applications. I know that Whatsapp became famous because it something close to BBM which users on the other platforms […]

At what time iOS7 will Arrive in Your City?


So the most awaited new version of iOS will be coming today in most of the countries and in most of the countries it will still take some time. The iOS has got lots of features and most importantly they have used all those important jailbreak features which you must be using all the time […]

YouTube Updated with Play All and Thumbnail Video Play


YouTube application for iPhone has been updated with a new feature which allows you to watch the video and then browse for the next video simultaneously. Once you update the application, it will update the new icon of the YouTube and then it will ask you to sign in again in the applications. Once get […]

Celebrate Friendship Day With Adaptxt


Friendship day is just a way among several other occasions to celebrate togetherness. True friends celebrate it every day though a day has been named just to ensure the importance of friends. Adaptxt, a gesture based typing keyboard app for Android powered by predictive Text2.0 engine, have came up with an idea of fun filled […]

Adaptxt Now Offers Comprehensive Words For Typing Help For Your Profession Through Their Android Keyboard


We have already talked about Adaptxt and we know that it has the feature of increasing the size of the keys and the making it colorful by customizing the themes. In short this is the best keyboard panel available on Google Play Store after Sline Keyboard application. But its seems that they have updated themselves […]

Skype Updated for Android with new UI and Unlimited Video Messages


It seems that everybody is running towards the flat look for their applications. It was started by Microsoft with their new Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 Operating System on the smartphone and this is somewhat copied in the new iOS version and now we are seeing something similar in the new Skype. Well the […]