4 Apps To Take Photo With Voice On iPhone, iPad

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Apple was the first one to get touch-screen tech on their iPhone and then almost everybody followed and now with introduction of Siri in iPhone 4S, people are getting addicted to control their phones with voice, but still Siri has lots of limitation when it comes controlling your phone through voice commands as Siri cannot […]

Create Live Active Pictures On iPhone With Flixel


Flixel is one great photography application that animates your pictures in such a way that rather it looks like a video is being played. You can capture your own moments, bring them to life and upload them. Beside this you can also view Flixels created by other users across the globe. Making the app even […]

Instagram For Android User Review


Instagram app that has been making lots of news in the iOS world so far, is now reaching out to other platforms as well, for instance is now available in Google Play Store(the Android Market). The app enables you to present all your photos in a more unique, refreshing ways. Pick from one of several […]

Export iPhone Images Directly To iCloud Using Cloudy Exporter


iCloud is a great service from Apple whereby you backup your iPhone or iDevice data to Apple servers. The same service can be used to restore your device with a previously made backup that would include your contacts, messages, notes,photos etc. Now exporting your favorite pictures from your device to iCloud Photo Stream has become […]

Capture Photos And Stitch Them To Create Widescreen Photos On iPhone


Many photographers use their special skills and instruments to capture beautiful wide screen photographs, also known as Panoramas. Having such a great camera on your iPhone, sometimes i feel if i could capture wide screen photographs with the same. Clicking panoramas in one single shot is not possible on your iPhone but with Autostitch you […]

iPhone Siri Like App For Android Phones


As always Apple comes up with amazing new features with its iOS upgrades and new devices. If you talk about the iPhone 4S or specifically the iOS 5, it comes with as many as 200 new features by comparison with the previous iOS 4. One of the most advanced and interesting feature of the iOS […]

Add Cartoon Strip Effects, Annotations To Images On Your iPhone


Halftone is a very cool application available on the app store that lets you add cartoon strips type of effects to images. Halftone originally is a technique of generating pictures with dots of same or different sizes and now even we can try our hands on this technique on our iPhone or iPad. The interface […]

Nightcam+ Lets You Take Clear Pictures In Night Without iPhone Flashlight


It is really hard to take pictures at night when your smart phone is running on low battery and you cannot use your flash anymore. Talking about iPhone, there was a certain disappointment with the 3GS as it didn’t had flash and one cannot take pictures at night if the light around is low. iPhone […]

Create Animations From GIF Images On Your Android Phone


Ever seen stop motion animations like cartoons where objects are physically manipulated so that they appear to be moving? You must have seen such videos as they are interesting and catch your attention. If you own an android device then you might want to try your creativity in doing something similar. Gifinator is a well […]

Transfer Camera Photos From Your iPhone To Computer Without Connecting To USB Port With Wire


Transferring taken pictures from your apple device to your computer via the cable is an easy task which can be performed by almost everybody. But what if the cable is not there with you and you badly want to transfer a couple of pictures to a PC. PhotoSync is a solution to this problem. This […]