Any.DO – A Perfect To Do App To Replace Apple Reminders [App Review]


Every version of the Apple’s iOS comes with a default reminders App. For most of us this app will take care of all our reminder related needs. But for some of us who need to some other settings or options other than those provided by the default Apple reminders app this article will be very […]

Send Pre Composed Emails on iPhone Quickly With Canned Mail


A few months back we have reviewed an app called as Canned with which one can save custom text message templates and then send them quickly to multiple people. It was a paid and but quite helpful when it comes to fast texting. Today we have another app called as Canned Mail from the same […]

Backup Upload iPhone Contacts, Photos And Videos On Internet Using iDrive App


iCloud has been a great addition to the Apple services and the fact that it syncs apps installed on device with another, is simply brilliant. Now iCloud does have a limited space to offer initially but if the user wishes to pay more, he or she can get an extra amount of space to backup […]

Add Caption, Annotate, Edit iPhone Pictures With Evernote Skitch


Evernote is a great note making app and developers of the same have come up with similar and great applications like Evernote Food, Evernote Hello etc. Skitch is another interesting application from the Evernote group that lets you play around with pictures. With skitch you can annotate and edit pictures with sheer convenience and loads […]

iVoice Reminder Provides Location Based Voice Alerts Reminder For iPhone, iPad


Its been some time I was looking for location based voice alerts reminder app for iphone, the default reminder app is good but it does not allow you to set the radius or range of kilometer or miles to that the reminder get active once you are close to that location, also it does not […]

Windows Phone Type Notifications On Android Phones


Recently we had covered iPhone type push notifications on Android which is a great free app and in this we bring you something similar yet different. Today we will review an app with which you can have Windows Phone 7 type of notifications on your android device. Interesting enough? It surely is. WP7 Notifications Plus […]

Any.Do To Do List Lets You Easily Add Tasks And Set Them As Reminders


I believe if i had to choose one good To Do list app i would go with the one we are going to review today. It is named as Any.DO and is one brilliant intuitive, gesture based To-Do app that will surely be liked by you. It has all the features one would expect from […]

Useful To Do Task Reminder App For Android


Astrid, one of the potent app developers, has come up with an award winning To-Do manager for Android which has all the features one would expect from it. By far it is one of the simplest android to do task manager and has been liked by many. As seen below in the image, the app’s […]

iPhone Keyboard For People With Keys Bigger Fingers


Convenience has always been a major concern for smart phone users and there is no other phone except iPhone which understands this and in fact all the apple devices are the best in their segments. If we talk about the keyboard of apple devices in specific, they are no different from any other smart phone’s […]

iPhone – Update Facebook, Twitter Status Using Voice Without Siri


Vlingo is a brilliant voice assistant and why I called it brilliant is because with it you can create emails and text messages, find locations on map, sear web, make calls and update your social websites just by using your VOICE. That’s true and this virtual assistant does all this very efficiently. After installing the […]