Best File Manager On Android With Integrated Download Manager


At Google Play Store there is a pyramid of apps which let you browse the file system (called File Explorers), each one carrying there own pros and cons. While choosing a complete File Explorer we take care of functionalities like its support for displaying every file extension, its support for Cloud storage services and so […]

Boost Your JAVA, SAP, Database Knowledge With This Free App


There are myriad of things that our smartphones can do. Taking pictures, communicating, taking notes are just few of them. We spend majority of time gluing ourselves to smartphone screens liking pictures, sending emoticons, laughing at jokes and every other enjoyable things. This time we bring you an app that is a bit different from […]

Turn Any Android Device into Chromecast Receiver With Cheapcast


It has been only a month since Google Chromecast debuted in market and since being a very cheap and hackable at the same time, the product has already made its presence to most of our houses. Those who are new to the Chromecast thing, its a product by Google, available at just $35, lets you […]

[App Of The Day-#4] Say Another Way App Review


There are myriad of applications available in the Google Play Store. Be it Productivity, or Social Networking or Games. Recently an app which caught our attention was Say Another Way. Its a brain and puzzle game where you describe a word in a different way and other people score by guessing the right word. Getting […]

Share a Contact via SMS without any Attachment [#New App Android]


When it comes to contact then either we use the instant messengers to send or share the contact. We also share the contact through an e-mail which attaches the .vcf file or sometimes while following the most lengthy approach we open your contact book go to that particular contact copy his or her number and […]

[App of The Day #2]: Molto-The best UI Application to view your GMail inbox.


Molto is the best application with the best UI available over the App Store to configure your GMail application. The reason is that it has the unique feature of merging your contact Display Pictures with that of their Facebook profile which really gives the relishing look to the Inbox. We will talk about the features […]

[App of The Day #1]: Quipio–The best application to put Words in a Photo


If you love listening and reading motivational and inspirational quotes, then I have got a great application for you which is named as quipio and with the help of which you can actually distribute such quotes among your friends on Facebook or Twitter or Instagram. This application is one of its own type and TechCrunch […]

Letterology–A Pictorial Word game For the Kids


If you have small kids at home then you must have observed that usually they keep on checking your smartphones to find a new and attractive games to play on. Even if you have kept your phone out of their reach, they will somehow manage to get that and then start playing Angry Birds or […]

[App Review] Doodly Doo – Completely New Way to Communicate


Gone are the days when you impressed your girl through copy-paste love quotes. Everyone is now pragmatic and needs something original. Smileys were once in craze, then came the stickers and now we are yearning for a better than smileys and stickers medium. Here comes Doodly Doo. Perfectly suitable for people who are bored with […]

Timely App : One of the Best Looking Alarm Clocks on Android


Whatever it is, Android ecosystem doesn’t lack apps. Developers are constantly adding better apps everyday and their most preferred category happens to be Weather and Social Networking. However there is one more section which has lately gaining more and better apps than before. Yes you guessed it right. Alarm Clocks they are. Few might argue […]