Best Application for Mobile Recharge [iPhone / Android]


Today we are here to tell you about the best application over your iPhone or Android or any other mobile platform which can help you to get your phone balance recharged within no time. It is so convenient that you will not be bothered to go to any of the mobile shop again to get […]

360 Mobile Security Review [Android]


Android is all about openness. Myriad of apps are available for you to download either from the Android (read Google) proprietary Play Store, or Amazon Store or from the any corner of the Internet. The openness which i liked about is not only its strength but also one of the cause of vulnerabilities. That is […]

Clean Master App Review


Whenever our Android phones gets slowed down, our first step is to do a clean of junk files and caches. These are some unnecessary files which get stored on your phone when applications execute. This can be a hectic task for some but thankfully Android has even an app for this too. Clean Master Although […]

Battery Doctor app in iOS to Check and Maintain the Battery Life


The Beijing Kingsoft Internet Security software Co. ltd introduced an application: “Battery Doctor” . This is one of the most useful app you can find in IOS as this application as it gives you battery status with details of which application is consuming how much batter and solution of how you can save your battery, […]

Plants VS Zombies 2: Awesome Next Level [Beginner’s Guide]


Plants and Zombies 2 is the new upgrade after a long time and as of now it has been released only for the iPhone users. I would love to play the same game on the huge screen but iPad will be the limit. This upgrade is really a great add-on for the game, the graphics […]

Shifu : To do & Task Management app But With a Difference


The quest of being more and more productive never ends in our life. In order to achieve highest degree of productiveness we turn to things like setting reminders, taking notes, using to do and task management apps and what not. We stick to our tasks in to-do list as if we were its slaves. But […]

Contactive-Integrates Your Social Media and Address Book


Ever felt like throwing your smartphone in disguise after receiving repetitive calls from customer care? Or ever missed a genuine call thinking it as promotional? Yes i know. The answer has to be a yes. To all these miseries the answer is an app called Contactive. It does many things and i would like to […]

Mobikwik Wallet- Easy Recharge Option [App Review]


You must be wondering there are already several apps that lie in the same field and do absolutely the same things then why suddenly the MobiKwik app review? Well we have your back and it will be clear in the following paragraphs. Mobikwik Wallet First thing you notice about the Mobikwik android app is its […]

ATU [App Of the Week] #2 : Line Messenger


One of the things I ever learned since I grew up was not to judge a book by its cover. Same here. Line is not just a messenger like others, but its a communication app which lets you place voice calls and messages free to other Line messenger users if you have data pack activated. […]

MapMyIndia Launched ‘Locate’ for Tracking your Loved Ones


When it comes to map navigation then we have Google Maps which provides the most accurate maps all over the world and this has really helped the people to navigate from one place to another without getting lost. Undoubtedly Google Maps are more specific for the users of United States, users from US have got […]