Broadcast Live Video From iPhone To Facebook Wall As Video Update [App Review]


Today i have got an app for you which will allow you to broadcast live from your iPhone to your Facebook wall, Friendsee. This broadcast can be seen by all your friends directly simply by click of a button. The best feature of broadcasting is that apart from all your friends everyone else in the […]

Best Hotmail Email Client For iPhone With Push Support


There are a number of email clients on app store. Some are dedicated to Gmail, some to Yahoo and some are meant for all types of email services. A few days back we reviewed the Sparrow email client iPhone app for our readers. Interestingly Sparrow can be used for all services such as Yahoo, Gmail, […]

Post Same Text On Multiple Social Network Websites From Android Phone With Multipost


Today, there are countless social networking platforms available for the masses. When one social media site is just about to settle in and catch the attention of people, there’s another ready to take over and grab a pie of the market share. So, with one person using several of social medias, it becomes all the […]

Upload Multiple Pictures From iPhone To Facebook, Twitter


Batch is a very interesting application for your apple device and lets you upload pictures to facebook in batches, tag people in pictures and also see pictures shared by your friends on Batch. In simple words it lets you create albums directly on your iPhone and upload the same in seconds. It is absolutely free […]

Download Orkut App For iPhone, Android


Though a bit late, Orkut has finally made it to App Store. The official Orkut app for iPhone has been released recently and I am glad to tell you that it works beautifully. But still I would consider it late as a majority of Orkut traffic has now moved to Facebook and therefore only a […]

Facebook Messenger Lets You Do Facebook Chat For iPhone, iPad


With this new update of the Facebook application for iOS and Android, you must have noticed that Chat option has excluded from it, as it was not working properly with the previous version. I noticed most of the times that if you are using the phone on 2G network then, chat option used to show […]

Heytell Lets Talk To Other iPhone or Android As Walkie-Talkie Over Wifi


There are several applications available on the internet for your iPhone and Android phone that let you call your friends for free over Wifi and 3G. All these apps are helpful and more importantly free of cost but the one we are going to review today is quite different. Heytell is an app designed for […]

Ebuddy Pro Provides Auto Reply Message From iPhone To Gtalk, Yahoo Messenger


All the iPhone users must be annoyed with a single reason that they do not have any specific application for Google Talk  and many of us who generally use GMail and have most of their contacts on it and so they would love to be reachable to them through GTalk. So today we will be […]

Call Numbers Around The World On Wifi, 3G and 4G For Free With FriendCaller


FriendCaller is an amazing app with which you can call any number around the world at no cost literally. The app offers free credits which you can easily get and start calling your friends. The app assigns a specific number to your iPhone which is displayed on receiver’s end. Interestingly the new version also allows […]

Send Free National, International SMS From iPhone and Android Phone Using 160by2 Free Messaging App


In India we are bombarded with several inviting value for money offers on calls and messaging everyday by our network provider but there are still a couple of free services on the internet that we use very often. One of the most used website on the internet is 160by2 which lets you send messages anywhere […]