How to Sync iPhone through Wi-fi using iTunes


In earlier days of smartphones, syncing used to be a great deal. Since we keep switching between our devices, an updated copy of notes, contacts, documents and many other things is the primary thing to achieve for a seamless work flow. This article describes how you can sync your iPhone through Wi-fi using iTunes. Prerequisites […]

Guard My Angel: Best Personal Safety iPhone App For Girls


Nowadays we have jobs that want us to travel during the odd times of the day as well as night which may turn out to be risky in today’s world where crime is growing just like the apps in the Apple Store. In order to keep our selves and our loved ones safe we should […]

Sync iPhone, iPad Music With Multiple iTunes Without Erasing Data


Apple does offer some great services but at the same time disappoints us by limiting some of the functionalities. For instance, iTunes is a great software to manage the music between your iPhone, iPod or iPad and the computer but the problem is that one cannot manage music on iTunes other than the one you […]

Call Multiple Phone Numbers On iPhone and Android Phone


I know many of my friends who like conferencing with more than one person on the phone. Despite the fact that it is a tedious task to invite people to an ongoing call, as one calls each and every person who should be in the conference, you can’t avoid it. But in today’s world where […]

Free Android Phone Antivirus and Lost Phone Finder App


Today, our phones play an inevitable role in our lives. One day our phones is not working or we had misplaced/lost it somewhere, the panic knocks our doors. The phone’s security covers 3 essential aspects – 1. protection from viruses, malware and spyware 2. keeping all its data safe and protected 3. it should not […]

Best Alternative Email Client Replacement For iPhone Apps


The stock iPhone Mail app is one of the smartest app yet a couple of features offered do not function as they are advertised. As a solution to this many third party developers have come up with interesting mail apps that offer more than one demands. Sparrow is one amazing mail client that has been […]

Best Apps To Open ZIP, RAR Extension Files On Your iPhone, iPad


The stock Safari browser is indeed a great app but for some reason, still not known, Apple has not considered adding much features to it. WinZip, which is one of the most widely used formats on our computers, is not supported by Safari and the same is not capable of unzipping WinZip files. Many of […]

Switch Across Running Apps on Android Phone


If you are the one who use various apps simultaneously on your Android device and wish to get rid of the traditional way of switching over different apps i.e tapping on the ‘home’ icon, then tapping on the ‘menu’ icon, selecting the other app and then finally starting using it – a pretty lengthy, boring […]

Find Which Apps, Process On Android Phone Using Most Battery Power


Android OS is catching up and spreading into the Smartphones market at a rapid face, almost unstoppable. But it’s battery consumption, the phone’s running time before the battery gets completely exhausted has been a major issue. Now there is always some inbuilt adjustments and info on the usage of battery that you can use to […]

Find Out State, City of Mobile Phone Number In India On Android Phone


There are times in our personal lives when we would like to know about the location of the caller, especially for someone bothering us or to find out if the caller(friend, colleague, business partner, family person, etc) is being truthful about his/her location. We can use some mobile apps that can make that possible for […]