How To Selectively Block Certain Apps on iPhone to use Cellular Data 3G

Whenever you are using the cellular data service you might not be knowing which application and service in your iPhone are using this Cellular data. So today we will be showing you how you can check which application in your Iphone is using the cellular data and how you can enable or disable those application or windows from using the cellular data.

Step 1: Go to the Setting option. Once you go to the Setting option you can find the screen as shown below


Step 2 : once you get to this menu list Select “General” as highlighted in the above screenshot.

Step 3 : Once you get in the General menu select “Cellular” as highlighted in the below screenshot.


Step 4: Once you get into the Cellular option you will find a list of application or service under the head “Use Cellular Data for: “

Here you can check which application and service are using the cellular data service.


For example in the above screenshot in my Iphone currently iTunes , Passbook Updates and Reading List are the application and service that are using the Cellular data.

Now to stop this services from using the Cellular data you can just click on the ON button displayed in front of the corresponding application or services.


So by the single click on this ON button i can stop the application or services from using the Cellular data.

This should always be taken care of and you must keep checking for the data cellular usage or otherwise your data pack will be getting finished and you will no be knowing where you are spending your Cellular data. So it could be helpful for you to organize and save the cellular data and ensure you are spending the cellular data at correct place.


  1. Jasmanik says:

    Is this possible for android phones too.

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