Stop Some One To Send Messages to You In Whatsapp on iPhone or Android Phone

As whats App doesn’t ask for any approval or permission for sender to send message there could be a case when any person start sending you any unwanted message which could be disturbing you or troubling you. So today we will be providing you the solution that could help you to get rid of such person.

Whats app provide you an option to block a person from sending you any message. So whenever you want to block a person from Whats App just go to “Setting” tab and here you will see an option “Chat Setting” as highlighted in the below screen shot. Click on this option.


Once you click on this tab you wil lbe redirect to the option screen.

In this option screen you can find an option “Blocked”  as highlighted in the below screen Shot. Click on this option to block the person from sending you the message


Once you click on this option you will see the list of the contact that are already blocked if any. And if you do not have any contact blocked you will be provided a guidance screen.

So to start blocking a person just click on the plus (“+”) symbol present on the right hand side top corner as highlighted in the below screen shot


Once you click on the plus (“+”) symbol you will be provided with all the contact present in your whats app contact list.

Just select the contact that you want to add and the contact will be added to your block list. You can add the multiple contacts to you block list and then this contact will be unable to send you any message.

Unblocking a person from Sending you message on Whats App

If you have blocked a person and then later on sometime for any reason you feel to unblock the person and allow him/her to send you messages then you can simply unblock the person or delete the contact from the Blocked list

To unblock the person go to the “Blocked” option by following the steps mentioned earlier. When you have a person added in the blocked list you will find an option “Edit” on the left hand side top cornor as highlighted in the below screenshot.


Click on the edit option and you will find option to delete the contact. So delete the contact that you want to delete and click on “Done” .


The person will be deleted from the Blocked list and will be able to send you messages .


  1. Harrassed says:

    So I can block contacts.

    But how do I block unwanted messages from strangers? I am being stalked – every message from a new number – and am on the edge of deleting whatsapp.

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