Make Android Phones, Tablets Faster By Disabling Apps From Starting On Boot-Up


With oodles of processing power and RAM on modern smartphones, users rarely need to worry about apps or games hogging resources. While apps running in the background hogging resources is not much of an issue on iOS running devices due to the nature of their multi-tasking, it is quite an issue on Android devices. Users […]

Playup Brings Live Social Chat For Sports Fans Across The Globe [App Review]

Recently I came across this great app called Playup, This free-to-use app allows sport enthusiasts to follow over 30,000 live games across sports such as Cricket, Soccer, American Football, Baseball, Aussie Rules Football and many more. Upon launching the free app users are presented with a choice of sports and fixtures. Special upcoming sporting events, […]

Call Multiple Phone Numbers On iPhone and Android Phone


I know many of my friends who like conferencing with more than one person on the phone. Despite the fact that it is a tedious task to invite people to an ongoing call, as one calls each and every person who should be in the conference, you can’t avoid it. But in today’s world where […]

Add Caption, Annotate, Edit iPhone Pictures With Evernote Skitch


Evernote is a great note making app and developers of the same have come up with similar and great applications like Evernote Food, Evernote Hello etc. Skitch is another interesting application from the Evernote group that lets you play around with pictures. With skitch you can annotate and edit pictures with sheer convenience and loads […]

Play Audio, Video On Your Android Phone Via WiFi Network Streaming With Air Playit


Air Playit is a wonderful application that lets you stream video and audio on your apple device over Wi-fi and 3G/4G. The brilliance lies in the fact that it acts like a personal cloud server and lets you stream songs and videos on the go. A while back the company had released an HD version […]

Download Orkut App For iPhone, Android


Though a bit late, Orkut has finally made it to App Store. The official Orkut app for iPhone has been released recently and I am glad to tell you that it works beautifully. But still I would consider it late as a majority of Orkut traffic has now moved to Facebook and therefore only a […]

Windows Phone Type Notifications On Android Phones


Recently we had covered iPhone type push notifications on Android which is a great free app and in this we bring you something similar yet different. Today we will review an app with which you can have Windows Phone 7 type of notifications on your android device. Interesting enough? It surely is. WP7 Notifications Plus […]

iPhone Style Notifications, Message Pop Up On Android Phones


Most of the times we are busy reviewing apps that perform important functions but today we bring you an app that is not of any special use but is definitely cool. I know there are many users out there who in spite of using an android phone like iPhone for some of its features. If […]

Any.Do To Do List Lets You Easily Add Tasks And Set Them As Reminders


I believe if i had to choose one good To Do list app i would go with the one we are going to review today. It is named as Any.DO and is one brilliant intuitive, gesture based To-Do app that will surely be liked by you. It has all the features one would expect from […]

Find Best Local Places, Things To Do, Restaurants, Clubs And Much More On MyCityWay India


Ever wished you had a one stop app to get details on every possible place to visit in your city? MyCityWay India is a brilliantly designed app that incorporates 50 apps into one bundle that would help you find almost anything in your locality. It is not dedicated to locals only but is really helpful […]