Share a Contact via SMS without any Attachment [#New App Android]


When it comes to contact then either we use the instant messengers to send or share the contact. We also share the contact through an e-mail which attaches the .vcf file or sometimes while following the most lengthy approach we open your contact book go to that particular contact copy his or her number and […]

List Of Top Free Hand Sketching/Drawing Apps For Android and iOS


With the size of android gadgets getting bigger and bigger, users have started exploring new ways of how extensively these devices can be used. One of the recent trends that Android users have developed is of drawing and sketching. Users now, in their free time, like to try their artistic skills but for that you […]

List Of Best Keyboard Apps For Android


As we all know there are endless possibilities when it comes to customizing your Android, and if we can install different launchers and icons, we can improve our typing experience for sure too. The stock keyboard available on Android is good enough for all applications but even that can be replaced with some better or […]

List Of Top Floating Apps For Hardcore Multitasking On Android


The best part about Android OS, apart from its enormous file ecosystem, is the ability to multitask with apps. But at the same time multitasking can only be performed in the background and true desktop style multitasking is not what we have been seeing on Android. Having said that, there are a couple of good […]

List Of Essential Apps For Writers For Android and iOS


There was a a time when writing was done with the help of paper and pen but in the recent times the scenario has greatly changed. The modern writers are more keen on trying their hands not only scribbling through paper but also on technology. Yes, smartphones, tablets and PC have completely changed the way […]

Customize the Privacy Options of Hangouts on iOS and Android devices


On Google Plus anyone can invite you over a video Hangout or anyone can comment on your posts unless the privacy section is dealt particularly. Google Hangout application for iPhone and Android devices have the provision to control the privacy with which they followers or friends can interact with you Hangout either on the desktop […]

List Of Home Improvement Apps For Android and iOS


When one buys an unfurnished house for your family or yourself, the only and only thing he or she is concerned about is the interior. No matter what advise an interior designer gives to you, in the end it is about you to be satisfied with the look. Now there are people who do not […]

List of Google Play Store Alternatives [Android]


When you want new apps for your Android device, the only and only place to look forward to is the Google Play Store app. But there are other alternatives out there in the market too which are worth taking a look at. In this post we will be talking about five best apps that are […]

Top Five Apps of The Week For iOS and Android


Welcome to our “top apps of the week” series. In this series, every week we share few handpicked applications that are worth deserving your attention. The list contains apps for your android as well as iOS devices. We prefer to list out the apps which are free but also don’t avoid the ones which have […]

List Of On-The-Go-Shopping Apps For Android and iOS


Shopping is something that humans have been doing since ages, and in the 21st century it has only become more convenient. Convenience, not because of the introduction of new and trustworthy ecommerce websites, but because of the fact that now one can shop anything at any time through your iPhone and Android smartphone. In this […]