Facebook Messenger Gets a new UI and Few New Features


Facebook Messenger has been updated with a new UI for iPhone and Android both and in this post we will talking about the updates in both the platforms. The UI is somewhat similar in both the platforms but there have been certain problem which users have reported in the Chat heads after installing this update. […]

[App of The Day #1]: Quipio–The best application to put Words in a Photo


If you love listening and reading motivational and inspirational quotes, then I have got a great application for you which is named as quipio and with the help of which you can actually distribute such quotes among your friends on Facebook or Twitter or Instagram. This application is one of its own type and TechCrunch […]

How To Access All the Google Web Applications without Creating their Shortcuts


Well there are certain application which I usually want to use all the time but unluckily you will not find the applications of all those on the App Store. But still for the convenience of the iPhone users Google has provided the web application for the most of their services which are really good if […]

Plants VS Zombies 2: Awesome Next Level [Beginner’s Guide]


Plants and Zombies 2 is the new upgrade after a long time and as of now it has been released only for the iPhone users. I would love to play the same game on the huge screen but iPad will be the limit. This upgrade is really a great add-on for the game, the graphics […]

[App Review] GupShup Messenger – A Free Messaging App For Smart and Feature Phones


As specified in the news of the launch of this application, this application combines the platform of exchanging the messages on Cellular data and SMS. This application might be familiar to the users of India and Indonesian and so, we will review it in this post and let you know that how this application works. […]

Fraud SBSettings Under Top Paid Application on iPhone App Store


If you have been using your iPhone over a long period of time, then ‘SBSettings’ will definitely be familiar to you. SBSettings is a UI jailbreak tweak which can help you to control the brightness, Cellular Data, Wi-Fi, respring, restart, shutdown or few more functionality on your iPhone. This jailbreak tweak is a must, if you have […]

Schedule an App to Gift in App Store on iPhone, iPad [Buy App For Someone]


You all must have observed that when the new version of iOS was launched, then ‘gifting applications’ feature was revoked. But now it has returned back, now you can gift the applications to your dear ones. This does not mean that you will have to upgrade the iOS6.0 to iOS6.0.1, it was a feature of […]

How App Store Design and Layout Changed in iOS 6


App Store is one of the common upgrades which all the iPhones (3GS, 4, 4S and 5) have received. Well, I have to say that iOS 6 upgrade was of almost no use to Indian iPhone 4 users. Top of everything Apple Maps screwed everything; they don’t have Siri, again many updates out of the […]