Show Chatheads while Watching Movie or Playing Game [Android]


Priorities for the users of Facebook Messenger vary a lot, some of them want those chat heads to be there all the time whenever someone pings and some of them don’t want them to disturb while they are watching a movie or playing a game over full screen. Don’t worry because we have a solution […]

[How-To] Set the Status in Google Hangout Application


One of the worst part of hangout application was not being able to set the status, which is really useful to convey a message that why you might not be able to reply to their messages promptly. And now luckily that feature is back in this application for both the platforms. When it comes to […]

Facebook Messenger Gets a new UI and Few New Features


Facebook Messenger has been updated with a new UI for iPhone and Android both and in this post we will talking about the updates in both the platforms. The UI is somewhat similar in both the platforms but there have been certain problem which users have reported in the Chat heads after installing this update. […]

Create a Favorite list in Chat list of Facebook Application


There is a very unique feature on your Facebook Application for iPhone which most of us do not know about. We have seen that on our desktop version of Facebook and on the mobile application our online friends section is divided into 2 parts. One of them consist of the online friends with whom we […]

[How-To] Filter Newsfeeds on Your Facebook iPhone Application


Sometimes while surfing the feeds on Facebook application from your iPhone we only want to have the look on the feeds mentioned by some of the pages which I follow and I do not want to be intrigued by the feeds of my friends or any other group. So for this provision Facebook has a […]

Reset Password Using Facebook App on iPhone


We can access the mobile web version of Facebook account from any of our smartphone but if we want to change the password then we never had any alternative of this problem from the Facebook application, though it is always easier to do anything on Facebook application rather than doing it on the web interface […]

Record HD Videos With Facebook App on iPhone


Facebook has been upgraded with loads of feature on their iPhone application and some of even great features are restricted to the users from United States. One of the recent features which I have seen for the users from United States on the desktop version was the ‘Give Gift’ button and we will be talking […]

Download New Emoticons on Facebook App on iPhone


With Facebook application getting updated last night, we can see some new features which are yet not available in Android version also. A very few feature introduced this time is the usage of stickers which are nothing but the pig emoticons available for you to make you chat interesting, usually while chatting on Whatsapp or […]

Facebook Chat Heads Usage Guide [Android]


So Facebook Home has been launched and for all the phones which were not in the compatibility list also have the provision to use this application by Facebook but the phones who have Facebook applications pre-installed on their mobile phones will not be able to use it. The most attractive feature of Facebook Home was […]

Install Facebook Home on Any Android Phone


So today we are here to talk about the installation of Facebook Home on the phones which are not available in the compatible list on Facebook Home application, well we have certain clue about it that developers will definitely find their way to avoid this check and use this APK on all the Android phones. […]