Change Who Can See or Comment on Facebook Status Update on iPhone


For all the iPhone users who love to tweet on Twitter or update their status on Facebook have some restrictions. For Example, if you want to see the trends on the twitter to tweet about then you will have to open the application and then tweet about it, similarly if you wish to tag any […]

[How To] Delete Messages in Chat Thread in iPhone Facebook Messenger


As mentioned earlier in the post where I have mentioned the way to mark any chat as Unread, the deletion of a chat thread is not possible in the Facebook messenger application or the main Facebook application (used for the news feeds). But even if you cannot delete the whole thread you can delete certain […]

[How To] Report Bug in Facebook iPhone App


Few days back I saw a problem with the settings of my Facebook page, it was something wrong on behalf of Facebook and at that time I was in a bus using my Facebook mobile application. So, how to report this problem to the Facebook team as fast and handy as possible. There is straight […]

Search Friends in Facebook Group on iPhone Facebook Messenger


The Facebook messenger has been updated keeping in mind about the groups on Facebook chat, now it is little easier for the users to search the group customize their names and see the groups in their chat list. Honestly I have never liked Facebook for their chatting features as compared to the GTalk which never […]

Mark Chat Thread as Unread in iPhone Facebook Messenger


Facebook messenger is little complicated as it offers lots of restriction when compared with the desktop version of Facebook messaging. One of the biggest problem in the Facebook messenger OS application is the unavailability of the deleting feature. You cannot delete any chat thread on the application and moreover the options like archiving the whole […]

[Solved] Cannot Sign In Facebook Messenger After Updating iOS App


Facebook Messenger has been updated but this built has for some of the users, I personally faced an issue after upgrading this application. In the screenshot mentioned below you can see that the application my iPhone is connected to a WiFi network but this application is not able to sign-in, infact it shows the error […]

How To Send Recorded Audio From Using Facebook App


You can use Whatsapp to send the voice recording, but we all know that Whatsapp is confined to mobile usage that too when registered with a phone number (so you cannot use that on tablets which does not have any SIM support), whereas Facebook is available on all the possible gadgets available using iOS or […]

Make Notifications For Facebook Messenger on iPhone For Some Hours or All Time


Facebook Messenger application specially designed for the users to chat over it has been improving over couple of months in the past. Now they have the provision to send the voice recording to the other users but the only problem I feel in this feature is that the recording will only take place till you […]

How To Untag Yourself In Photos In Facebook on iPhone


Now untagging yourself from the Facebook application on iPhone was challenge for me because you will not find any option directly indicating that ‘you can untag yourself’. In this post we will share about a method with the help of which you can untag yourself from any of the photograph from Facebook application of iOS. […]