Two Best Free Applications to Create Your own Music on iOS devices


Few days ‘GarageBand’ went free as one of the applications on Apple devices as the part of ‘iLife’ application pack and today we also have another application which has been stated as the application of the week on the App Store of iOS devices. These two are the best applications if you want to produces […]

Best Things To Do iPhone, iPad Apps To Use [Apps Guide]


Every version of the iOS comes with a default Apple reminders App. For most of us this app will take care of all our reminder related needs. But for some of us who need to some other settings or options other than those provided by the default Apple reminders app this article will be very […]

Yapback: Submit Feedback About Any Business On iPhone [Review]


Now a days when you buy something either online or from a shop, go out somewhere to eat or call authorized dealers to get something services at our home you would always like to provide the feedback about the experience that you had in every case whether it was good or bad. Sometimes you would […]

Guard My Angel: Best Personal Safety iPhone App For Girls


Nowadays we have jobs that want us to travel during the odd times of the day as well as night which may turn out to be risky in today’s world where crime is growing just like the apps in the Apple Store. In order to keep our selves and our loved ones safe we should […]

iPhone App To Know Cost Of Any Journey


For all the travellers it is very important to know that how much they will be spending on the gas or fuel for their car, while they are travelling from one place to another. Today I will be reviewing an iPhone application which will help the user to calculate the exact amount of gas which […]