List Of Alternative Apps For Gmail for Android


Google’s Android has some of the best apps of smartphone-verse. Maps, Drive, Gmail, just to name a few of them. Majority of them come from the maker Google itself. I am assuming there is a slight chance you might be fed up with its services and hence are looking out for some alternatives. So here […]

[App of The Day #2]: Molto-The best UI Application to view your GMail inbox.


Molto is the best application with the best UI available over the App Store to configure your GMail application. The reason is that it has the unique feature of merging your contact Display Pictures with that of their Facebook profile which really gives the relishing look to the Inbox. We will talk about the features […]

[How To] Read Gmail Chats on iPhone or Block Certain Emails in Gmail on iPhone


If you are using GMail as the primary e-mail account then reading its chat is always a problem. The default e-mail client will help you to organize the inbox of GMail into the perfect required labels and moreover like other e-mail clients you have got the option to read the mails in the Trash or […]

How To Download Unsupported Files From Gmail App on Android Phone, Tablet


Wondering how you can download unsupported file attachments from the official Gmail app for Android directly to your phone? Well, here is an easy fix for that.

3 Ways iPhone Gmail Multiple Account Login


Nowadays GMail is one of the most popular e-mail clients for the general public and most of us do prefer to use multiple mail account to just keep the work and personal mails separate. If you are using your iPhone and want to check these two (or more than 2) all the time, then I […]

Gmail iOS App – Multiple Gmail Accounts, New Signature, Compose with Gesture Explained


Google Plus app for iPhone has always been much better as compared to Facebook application any day. Facebook has recently intro Photo sync just few days back which was already available in Google Plus app by the name of ‘Instant Uploads’. Moreover still the UI effects are just awesome in comparison with Facebook which does […]

[How To] Periodic Backup Android Phone SMS, MMS and Call Logs To Gmail Account


In the age of Whatsapp, email, iMessage and BBM, SMS may seem like worthless to many people. However, SMSs like voice calls are irreplaceable  at least for the next 5 to 10 years. Plus, it is not necessary that all your friends own a smartphone so you will end up using SMSs to converse with them. Personally, I […]