How To Get unlimited Cloud Space to store data


I am going to tell you a smart tip which will help you to get this done very easily. Cloud storage is one of the most expensive storage media where you can store your data. There is no cloud service which offers free data storage. It started getting popular with Dropbox and now we have […]

Google Now get Updated with Voice Based Commands and Reminders [iOS]


Google Search application on iOS device has been upgraded with some of the great new features which Android users were already enjoying for the past few months and now the features of this application on both the platforms are same. They have added the feature of location based reminders in the application itself. Google Now […]

Customize the Privacy Options of Hangouts on iOS and Android devices


On Google Plus anyone can invite you over a video Hangout or anyone can comment on your posts unless the privacy section is dealt particularly. Google Hangout application for iPhone and Android devices have the provision to control the privacy with which they followers or friends can interact with you Hangout either on the desktop […]

See who is Online on Google Hangout app [iPhone]


Google hangout has been updated with a feature of voice calling, though video calling was embedded in it but now you also have the option of calling the other users through audio. Usually for this feature we have been using some of the applications like line, Viber and Skype on our phones but now it […]

Send Feedback in Google Hangout with a Shake Gesture


If you use Hangout application frequently on your iPhone then there must be any situation wherein any particular feature was not working properly or it crashed or it hanged. In these case you want to intimate the experts about this problem so that you can get rid of such problems. Today in this post I […]

Block Google Contacts from the Chat List using Google Hangout


So, today in this post I will be telling you about a way with the help of which you will be able to clock any of the user available in your Google GMail contacts from the chat feature right from your iPhone. Obviously this can be done using the web application service of Google Talk […]

Google Drive Updated with Generate Link Option


Google Drive has stepped one step forward ahead of Dropbox now, though Dropbox is old enough to have large number of user accounts but Google Drive comes with huge amount of space for free which is quite favorable for the users. As we know that now Google offers the users with 25 GB and 15 […]

[How To] Turn Off a Particular Chat Notification on Google Hangout


Google hangout application for iPhone is not up to the mark yet. There many issues which users are facing on their iPhones, users have reported that they do not get the notifications instantly and moreover the application takes lot of time to refresh and show the new chat entries. Now there is also an issues […]

Multiple Account Configuration in Google Hangout [iPhone]


As to the likes of Android version of Hangout, you can also maintain multiple account in the Hangout available for iOS. Hangout is nothing but a smart mix of Google Talk with Video chat feature of Google Plus and users usually maintain multiple account for the users at their workplace and the users who are […]

Location Based Reminders on Google Keep [Android]


Google Keep as expected is getting updated with the new features and the more it gets updated the tougher it will become for the applications like Evernote and Any.Do to survive in the app market. I might be making the statement way before it actually happens but as Google Keep has been updated with Location […]