How To Access All the Google Web Applications without Creating their Shortcuts


Well there are certain application which I usually want to use all the time but unluckily you will not find the applications of all those on the App Store. But still for the convenience of the iPhone users Google has provided the web application for the most of their services which are really good if […]

YouTube Updated with Play All and Thumbnail Video Play


YouTube application for iPhone has been updated with a new feature which allows you to watch the video and then browse for the next video simultaneously. Once you update the application, it will update the new icon of the YouTube and then it will ask you to sign in again in the applications. Once get […]

Google Hangout Review – An Alternative To Google Talk With Video Chat Option


So now we have got the alternative to Google Talk on iPhone, long back when Google Voice application on iPhone did not satisfy the terms and conditions of the applications (actually that application altered the UI of keypad of iPhone) on Apple App Store then Apple took down most of the applications of Google and […]

[Review] Google Keep for iPhone [Web App]


Google Keep has been released in the best mode for the web interface and it has fewer features as compared to the version of Google Keep Android application available on the Play Store. The features available on Google Keep Android application is more than that of available on its web interface and as of now […]

[Tip] Translate Text, Voice or Scanned Text Offline on Android Without Internet


If you have gone on a trip to some other place where people are not familiar with your mother tongue and luckily if Google Translate can help translate everything in your language at that place then it is quite obvious that you must be using it again and again. So, when you are using Google […]

Export Google Reader Feeds to Flipboard on Android & iPhone


Well a great news has been shared by Flipboard for all the users who were troubled by the news that Google will be turning off their service of Google Reader. Flipboard will make sure that once you add the Google Reader feed section on their application by logging into with the Google account then al […]

[How To] Backup Your Camera Photos on Android To Google+ Account As Private Photos


While Google+ might have failed to challenge Facebook, it is still a decent social networking site that is very tightly integrated with Android. Once you install the official Google+ app on your Android device, the app automatically pulls in all your friends information including their last status update, high-resolution DPs, all the pictures they have […]

How To Get Money Refund For Paid Apps on Android Play Store After 15 Minutes


One of the few advantages that the Play Store has over the iOS App Store is that it has a 15-minute refund window for paid apps. Once a user purchases an app from the Play Store, he has up to 15 mins to refund the app, if he does not like it. Earlier Google allowed […]

[How To] SMS Reply on Android From PC


Emails and Whatsapp may have taken over the world, but Short Messaging Service a.k.a SMS was and is still around. However, one problem that all major SMS-alternative services face including SMSs itself is that users can only reply to these messages from their phone. There is no way to reply to a message on Whatsapp, […]

[How To] Force Enable Developer Options in Android 4.2 Jelly Bean


With Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, Google finally made stock Android as beautiful as iOS, if not better. With Android 4.1.1, Google introduced Project Butter that aimed to fixed the usual lag associated with Android devices. In less than a year, Google fixed two of the major issues with Android as an OS. In Android […]