How To Monitor and revoke Cellular Data for applications [iOS]


Whenever we install an application on our iPhone and then it does not ask access to the cellular data of your iPhone as it does for the access of Bluetooth, Photo Gallery, Location services and camera. But whenever you are not in the range of any WiFi hotspot you tend to use the cellular data […]

Top 5 Less Known Tips on iOS7


Hi everyone, this digital manual for your new iOS Operating system will help you to get to know this new version of iOS in a little better way. Most of us must have upgraded our iOS devices and would have started playing with it right now. This issue from AppsToUse will help you to get […]

[How-To] Turn On Auto-Backup for WhatsApp [iPhone]


There are some chats with my friends on Whatsapp which I would love to keep throughout my life and I am sure that you also will be willing to save few of the chats, but it is not possible to keep this thing every time in mind as we have got many other important things […]

[How To] Create WhatsApp Chat Shortcut on Your Android Device Home Screen


Today we will be telling you about the Whatsapp Feature which is available only for android devices and it is really useful for the Whatsapp Messaging lovers. The shortest way to access a chat on Whatsapp can be by the single tap on an icon from the home screen but we usually open the application […]

[How To] Turn Off a Particular Chat Notification on Google Hangout


Google hangout application for iPhone is not up to the mark yet. There many issues which users are facing on their iPhones, users have reported that they do not get the notifications instantly and moreover the application takes lot of time to refresh and show the new chat entries. Now there is also an issues […]

Location Services Problem After Google Search App Installation [iPhone]


Google Search application has got the new feature which includes the availability of Google Cards. These cards can serve many purpose, like telling you the weather and always keeping the route between your location and home location. But for all these features they actually use your location information all the time. Few days I just […]

Location Based Reminders on Google Keep [Android]


Google Keep as expected is getting updated with the new features and the more it gets updated the tougher it will become for the applications like Evernote and Any.Do to survive in the app market. I might be making the statement way before it actually happens but as Google Keep has been updated with Location […]

How To Access All the Google Web Applications without Creating their Shortcuts


Well there are certain application which I usually want to use all the time but unluckily you will not find the applications of all those on the App Store. But still for the convenience of the iPhone users Google has provided the web application for the most of their services which are really good if […]

Migrate Your WhatsApp Account to Other Number


Usually when we navigate our Whatsapp account from one number to another then we are supposed to start the Whatsapp account from fresh (which means you lose all the Whatsapp data associated with the previous number). But in this post we will tell you a solution to this wherein you will be able to switch […]

[How To] Send Multiple Images on Whatsapp on iPhone


Sharing the images on Whatsapp can be bit of the pain if you have been using it on iPhone because as we know you cannot share multiple images on Whatsapp from your iPhone but with the recent update of this application after which it was free on App Store for quite a long time. The […]