Edit Audio, Trim and Merge Video on YouTube Capture [iOS]


The best free video editing tool available for iOS device is the YouTube Capture and in this post I will tell you all the reason to believe that. You can use this application to merge two or more videos, trim any recorded video or add any other audio in the background of the video and […]

[Fix] What and Why are these Blue Dots on iPhone [iOS New Feature]


There is a new UI feature in the new iOS7 which puts a blue dot behind the name of the application which has been recently installed or which has been recently updated. Now in this post I will tell you that what does this signify and if your iPhone is automatically putting this in front […]

How To Check Cellular Data Used by Applications on iPhone [iOS7 Feature]


Till iOS6 we have been installing many application to know that what amount of cellular data is being used by what all applications on the iPhone. So, that we could limit the usage of the application while we are using the Cellular data. Luckily this feature is now one of the new features which have […]

See Real Time Twitter Feeds in Safari [iOS7–New Feature]


If you are atwitter fan then I am sure you will be checking out all the important news over twitter and that is the reason we end opening large number of websites on Safari while using Twitter. So, Safari got smarter and took care of this problem by not letting you go to ‘Twitter’ again. […]

Set Location Based Reminder: No Tweak or App required


Reminder application in iOS6.0 is has specially designed to cover all the type of reminders for you. Well, this saves time for you by not getting bothered about other application on app store. Sometimes when you are not sure about the timings of an event or when you do not plan an event on a […]

Copy iPhone Safari Bookmarks To Internet Explorer or


In Google Chrome application for iOS, whatever we do on it (Bookmarks, History and other) gets synced with the Google Chrome browser on our computer. When this comes to Safari browser on iPhone then you cannot expect the same feature when you are using Windows system because there you do not use apple ID. But […]

Know When Does Other Person Opened Whatsapp To Read Your Sent Message


Privacy is always a big concern of the users while using any application of internet or on their phones. WhatsApp has the feature of showing the users the ‘time-stamp’ of when the other user checked his/her WhatsApp. It might be annoying for you, when you do not want to reply the message but the user […]

[How To] Set Different iPhone Ringtone For Each Contact


Sometimes we need to personalize the ringtones for some of the contacts in your iPhone so that we could know them by just hearing the ringtone and in this post we will not use any application or a jailbreak tweak to do that. You can change the ringtones, text-tone and the vibration style for a […]

[How-To] Backup Chat Text and Media Files in WhatsApp Chat Conversations


WhatsApp is considered to be a very good IM application, reason being it keeps the record of all the chat which has been done with every friend of yours on your iPhone. But you never know if your iPhone gets restored due to any OS bug or you might need to delete the application from […]

[How-To] Add Plus Symbol While Dialing or Adding a Contact on iPhone


If you are dealing with the phone numbers where most of them include extension numbers, then we do have a very simple solution to it to save your time. Usually, when the call is connected then you need to enter those extension numbers, usually you cannot save them on the phone and every time you […]