Things To Note While Using iMessage


iMessage is a new feature which was introduced as a new feature of iOS 5.0. This is very much similar to Blackberry BBM, with the only difference that BBM requires a different data transfer pack as it does not run on normal EDGE but iMessage can work on Wi-Fi, 3G, or EDGE. In this post […]

[Solved] Cannot Sign Into iMessage


Many users have faced this problem of not being able to sign-in to use iMessage, sometimes it pops-up saying that it is network error (though mobile is working perfectly with all the other applications or features available in the iPhone) and sometimes it says that the e-mail cannot be verified as is already being used […]

[Solved] Fix Cannot Deactivate iMessage


Well, iMessage is a new feature introduced with iOS5.0. It is quite similar to BBM used by Blackberry Messengers, so in short I can say that all the apple device users can exchange SMSs for free, whether it an iPad, iPod, iPhone, Mac etc. they all can go for facetime video calling and texting with […]

Speak To Type on iPhone With Voice To Apps


Today, we will be reviewing an application named as ‘ Voice To Apps – Voice To Messages, Email, Facebook and Twitter ’, which will help you to speak to type on iphone with most the application, to send any SMS or update your Facebook status or Twitter Tweet by just giving a verbal command. The […]