Facebook Messenger Gets a new UI and Few New Features


Facebook Messenger has been updated with a new UI for iPhone and Android both and in this post we will talking about the updates in both the platforms. The UI is somewhat similar in both the platforms but there have been certain problem which users have reported in the Chat heads after installing this update. […]

Google Now get Updated with Voice Based Commands and Reminders [iOS]


Google Search application on iOS device has been upgraded with some of the great new features which Android users were already enjoying for the past few months and now the features of this application on both the platforms are same. They have added the feature of location based reminders in the application itself. Google Now […]

[App of The Day #2]: Molto-The best UI Application to view your GMail inbox.


Molto is the best application with the best UI available over the App Store to configure your GMail application. The reason is that it has the unique feature of merging your contact Display Pictures with that of their Facebook profile which really gives the relishing look to the Inbox. We will talk about the features […]

[App of The Day #1]: Quipio–The best application to put Words in a Photo


If you love listening and reading motivational and inspirational quotes, then I have got a great application for you which is named as quipio and with the help of which you can actually distribute such quotes among your friends on Facebook or Twitter or Instagram. This application is one of its own type and TechCrunch […]

Two Best Free Applications to Create Your own Music on iOS devices


Few days ‘GarageBand’ went free as one of the applications on Apple devices as the part of ‘iLife’ application pack and today we also have another application which has been stated as the application of the week on the App Store of iOS devices. These two are the best applications if you want to produces […]

Top Five Apps of The Week For iOS and Android


Welcome to our “top apps of the week” series. In this series, every week we share few handpicked applications that are worth deserving your attention. The list contains apps for your android as well as iOS devices. We prefer to list out the apps which are free but also don’t avoid the ones which have […]

iOS 7.0.2 Does Not Prevent the Lock Screen ByPass on iPhone


There has been a vulnerability in iOS7 which has been exploited by users to bypass the unlock screen on iOS7 and it really simple to do. The same has been demonstrated in the video mentioned below and I know this no big news to be talked about but the twist is that after Apple released […]

How-To Facetime Audio all iOS devices [iOS7–New Feature]


Facetime has obviously been a great feature when it comes to iOS family but there have been certain restrictions to its usage. We had many Jailbreak tweaks to break free those restrictions but it seems that iOS has provided us an easier way to utilize that Facetime feature without any restriction and that too with […]

Top 5 Less Known Tips on iOS7


Hi everyone, this digital manual for your new iOS Operating system will help you to get to know this new version of iOS in a little better way. Most of us must have upgraded our iOS devices and would have started playing with it right now. This issue from AppsToUse will help you to get […]

Line Messnger to Get Video Calling and Short Clips Sharing


We have already reviewed Line Messenger for you as we had a certain clue that this instant messenger has been growing at a very good rate because of the multiple features it provides in a single applications. I know that Whatsapp became famous because it something close to BBM which users on the other platforms […]