[How-To] Turn On Auto-Backup for WhatsApp [iPhone]


There are some chats with my friends on Whatsapp which I would love to keep throughout my life and I am sure that you also will be willing to save few of the chats, but it is not possible to keep this thing every time in mind as we have got many other important things […]

Save Hardcopy Of a Document as the Digital Copy on Evernote


Most of us have been using Cam Scanner Pro, in order to save the hard copy of the documents digitally on your iPhone or anywhere on the cloud. Today I will be giving you a decent alternative to this feature and that with the help of a very famous application named as Evernote, where in […]

Send Feedback in Google Hangout with a Shake Gesture


If you use Hangout application frequently on your iPhone then there must be any situation wherein any particular feature was not working properly or it crashed or it hanged. In these case you want to intimate the experts about this problem so that you can get rid of such problems. Today in this post I […]

Block Google Contacts from the Chat List using Google Hangout


So, today in this post I will be telling you about a way with the help of which you will be able to clock any of the user available in your Google GMail contacts from the chat feature right from your iPhone. Obviously this can be done using the web application service of Google Talk […]

Add Shortcuts for Quick Access to Notes in Evernote


Today, in this post I will be telling you about a new feature which has been recently added in the Evernote application and it is a must for all the users who use Evernote all the time for keeping the notes and especially when they are already having a bunch of them which is enough […]

Google Drive Updated with Generate Link Option


Google Drive has stepped one step forward ahead of Dropbox now, though Dropbox is old enough to have large number of user accounts but Google Drive comes with huge amount of space for free which is quite favorable for the users. As we know that now Google offers the users with 25 GB and 15 […]

Multiple Account Configuration in Google Hangout [iPhone]


As to the likes of Android version of Hangout, you can also maintain multiple account in the Hangout available for iOS. Hangout is nothing but a smart mix of Google Talk with Video chat feature of Google Plus and users usually maintain multiple account for the users at their workplace and the users who are […]

Delete or Move Multiple Files and Folders Simultaneously on Dropbox [iPhone]


There are many application which provide some of the explicit features to the iOS users like Whatsapp, where you can have the option to remove the Last Seen timestamp but you cannot do the same on Android. There something similar which Dropbox has also done with the iOS users, if you are an iOS user […]

Migrate Your WhatsApp Account to Other Number


Usually when we navigate our Whatsapp account from one number to another then we are supposed to start the Whatsapp account from fresh (which means you lose all the Whatsapp data associated with the previous number). But in this post we will tell you a solution to this wherein you will be able to switch […]

Get iOS 7 Style Control Centre On Your Android Smartphone


iOS 7 is coming this fall. iPhone 4 onwards are going to get this update. The update changes everything on the iPhone. Icons, User Interface, Mails, Browsers everything has got a make over like never before. Among all those updates, one of the much talked about updates was the iOS 7 control centre. Control Centre […]