[iOS7 New Feature] Your iPhone can Check alignment against any Plane [#Tips]


Today I will be telling you about a great utility which is their in iPhone and I am sure that you never knew about it because I myself discovered that while playing with it today. There is a smart utility in your Compass application on your iPhone. Compass is one of the rare utilities which […]

[Fix] What and Why are these Blue Dots on iPhone [iOS New Feature]


There is a new UI feature in the new iOS7 which puts a blue dot behind the name of the application which has been recently installed or which has been recently updated. Now in this post I will tell you that what does this signify and if your iPhone is automatically putting this in front […]

[Fix] Applications crash and iPhone hangs after iOS7 upgrade


With the upgrade of iOS7 (the latest major version of iOS) on iPhone 4 many users have complained that their iPhone is not lagging in UI and the applications are also crashing. In short they are putting it as their phone has gone really slow. One of the user complained on the Apple discussion that […]

Customize the Privacy Options of Hangouts on iOS and Android devices


On Google Plus anyone can invite you over a video Hangout or anyone can comment on your posts unless the privacy section is dealt particularly. Google Hangout application for iPhone and Android devices have the provision to control the privacy with which they followers or friends can interact with you Hangout either on the desktop […]

How To Check Cellular Data Used by Applications on iPhone [iOS7 Feature]


Till iOS6 we have been installing many application to know that what amount of cellular data is being used by what all applications on the iPhone. So, that we could limit the usage of the application while we are using the Cellular data. Luckily this feature is now one of the new features which have […]

BBM Finally arrives on iOS7 Platform [Download Link]

For all the BBM lovers who had to switch from Blackberry to Android in order to enjoy huge and good variety of application would love to know that Blackberry has not officially released their BBM application for the iPhone application and I am still not sure about the Android version of this application. This application […]

Google Maps Updated with Tips and Tricks and Faster Navigation


Slowly and slowly the applications for iOS devices are getting revamped and they are getting the feel and the looks of the new iOS7 which is really good. The new applications like kik, Soundwave and RunKeeper are going famous just because the UI of these application has been aligned with the new iOS7. Google is […]

Unable to Download App Bug on iOS7


There is a bug on in the new iOS7 that even if your WiFi is working perfectly then also the error message mentioned below comes up and it does not matter how many times you tap that option of ‘Retry’ it will not download the application and it will rather keep popping the same message […]

How-To get rid of iMessage Bug [iOS7]


There have been certain complaints from the users that while sending and receiving the messages through iMessage service sometimes the messages are not sent and sometimes they are not delivered to the recipient. This is happening for no reason because they network to which their iOS device is connect is working just fine. Apparently Apple […]

Stop Background Operations of Applications To save your Battery [iOS7-New Feature]


Users have been facing a battery problem on their iPhones a lot after this iOS upgrade but actually this is due to a new option which has been added in the Settings section of new iOS7 and is you have discovered it by now then I suppose battery issue must have been taken care of. […]