Two Best Free Applications to Create Your own Music on iOS devices


Few days ‘GarageBand’ went free as one of the applications on Apple devices as the part of ‘iLife’ application pack and today we also have another application which has been stated as the application of the week on the App Store of iOS devices. These two are the best applications if you want to produces […]

Tip – Capture Photo Front and Back Camera on iPhone At Same Time


Samsung has released their Samsung Galaxy S4 with Dual Camera Mode and this is one of the most interesting feature seen in the mobile phones ever and as we know that there are huge number of applications of app store and it is literally very much difficult to give you the exact number. So as […]

Saavn Pro Allows You To Download Songs and Listen Them Offline without Internet Connection


Saavn app for iOS devices has been recently got a major design change in the UI, it has become much more simple to use with all the options easily visible to user which makes much more sense including the music player controls accessible is most of the screens of the app, you have the option […]

[How To] Make iPhone, iPad Alarm Sound Everyday or Repeat Automatically


Its been years since, I have been using iPhone but some of the options in iPhone are never able to find that easily, the other day I was trying to know how can I make an alarm on iPhone to ring everyday at a specific time. This was actually a very simple feature but some […]

Open Youtube In Desktop Version Site in iPad Safari Browser


  As most of us know the youtube app has been removed in the latest version released recently on iPad, so right now if you want to watch youtube video on iPad, you will need to open in safari browser. Related Tip [Solved] Fix iPad Error Youtube Video is not Available on this Device […]

How To Block An App To Stop Using Location on iPhone, iPad


There are times when you may not want some specific apps to share your location data about where you are while you are using this app, the most frequent app for which users asked about this way to hide location is facebook. As for some people it could be quite uncomfortable to share their location […]

[Solved] Fix iPad Error Youtube Video is not Available on this Device


Recently when one of our readers was using his iPad running iOS 6 and when he tried to watch a youtube video using the safari browser, some of the videos from youtube refused to play with a error message saying Sorry, this video is not available on this device. Recommended Related Tip [Solved] Force Full […]

[Solved] Email on iPhone or iPad Are Not Sent In Background rather Stuck in Outbox


It has happened with me and many of our readers when they tried sending an email from their iPhone, iPad but once they tap on the send button and if they minimize the mail app the emails are rather stopped in background from being sent and all these emails are stuck in background. Force Full […]

[Tip] Hide Contacts on iPad From Others


It happens to almost most of us when we use our iPad in public and may feel like others trying to peek in, this could be really discomfort situation or some times when you see others including your friends using your iPad, at this time you might feel insecure about if they potentially see the […]

[Solved] Fix Youtube Videos on iPad Stuck or Stop Loading [For iPhone Also]


As per the user feedback playing youtube videos on iPad can be real painful experience some times as it more often the youtube videos get stuck while playing or lag or just keep buffering but does not play at all. It happened with those users specially who were trying to mirror the ipad screen to […]