Set Different Ringtone For FaceTime


FaceTime is no doubt a great way to stay in touch remotely through apple devices like iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, but recently one of our reader asked that he hears the same tone or sound for both cellular calls and facetime video calls, he want to hear a different sound so that he can […]

Delete Facebook Status Update From iPhone, iPad or Android Phone


iPhone and iPad and Android phones are the one of the most popular portable devices on which many people use facebook and its really a need for most of the users to be connected  to facebook these days as its now one of the most popular website on internet. One of my friend faced a […]

[Solved] Can’t Download Apps After Updating To iOS 6


If you of those users of apple device who is downloading lot of apps at the same times, these apps could be some of the apps you had already installed and other ones which you are downloading fresh, some of the iPad and iPhone users reported that they are no longer able to download or […]

[Solved] Fix Apps In Waiting Mode While Updating, Downloading on iPad, iPhone


There are many users who faced this issue when they see some apps gets stuck in waiting mode while the others are updated when you update large number of apps on your iPhone, iPad and it may happen to some apps being individually updated. One of my friend told me about this problem when an […]

[Solved] WiFi Sync Does Not Work on iPad, iPhone After iOS 6 Upgrade


Some of our users reported that they are no longer been able to do a wifi sync after they upgraded their apple devices to iOS 6, some of them did had problems with WiFi connectivity after iOS 6 OTA upgrade but this issue is quite different. For some users it affects the some Sharing. Upgraded […]

[Solved] Stop iPhone, iPad or iPod Contents Gets Deleted When Synced With iTunes


Many users have reported that they lose all the data once they connect their iPhone to iTunes. Now, it is one of the major issues which an iPhone user must have faced once and this is really annoying when you connect your iPhone and then all data gets vanished. Before proceeding further let me tell […]

Best Piano Play, Learning iPhone, iPad Apps To Use [App Guide]


If you want to play piano on your iPhone like i do then i have got some free piano apps that will help you to learn piano and in case you already know how to play piano then the apps will surely help to polish your skills. iPhone has always been fun but now it […]

Best Apps To Use Your iPhone, iPad as USB Disk


When you have to transfer some files from one computer to another computer we use a USB drive or in case the computers are networked by a LAN cable or Wireless LAN we use that. Now in case you have an Apple device such as an iPad or iPhone then you can use it as […]

Best Camera Effects iPhone, iPad Apps To Use [App Guide]


Nowadays smart phone camera’s are used as the primary camera’s as all the smart phones that are available in the market today have a high resolution camera and they come with the sole purpose that you would not have to carry an additional camera for all your camera needs. Today we are going to talk […]

Meta Trader – Forex Trading iOS App Review


If you are into Forex trading and you always like to keep in touch with the latest share prices and also want to do the trading on the move i have got an excellent app for you MetaTrader 5. This app is the world’s most popular Forex trading app. The app allows you to control […]