Any.DO – A Perfect To Do App To Replace Apple Reminders [App Review]


Every version of the Apple’s iOS comes with a default reminders App. For most of us this app will take care of all our reminder related needs. But for some of us who need to some other settings or options other than those provided by the default Apple reminders app this article will be very […]

Meta Trader – Forex Trading iOS App Review


If you are into Forex trading and you always like to keep in touch with the latest share prices and also want to do the trading on the move i have got an excellent app for you MetaTrader 5. This app is the world’s most popular Forex trading app. The app allows you to control […]

Broadcast Live Video From iPhone To Facebook Wall As Video Update [App Review]


Today i have got an app for you which will allow you to broadcast live from your iPhone to your Facebook wall, Friendsee. This broadcast can be seen by all your friends directly simply by click of a button. The best feature of broadcasting is that apart from all your friends everyone else in the […]

MoovFX Echo iPhone App Gives You Motion Controlled Echo Effects [App Review]


MoovFX Echo is an App that will allow you to control the delay with your iPhone movements. The app can be used to set up your Guitar’s movement range and scales between two points. The app is really simple and easy to use and has a very nice user interface. The app has been developed  […]

Use More Than One Apple ID On iPhone, iPad


Recently I went to my brother’s place and while I was playing around on his iPhone, I came across an interesting application. I liked it so much that I immediately took my iPhone out of the pocket, opened the App Store, searched the app and downloaded it. It was as simple as you can think […]

[Solved] iPhone Does Not Boot Up or Turn On


Lately one of my friends happen to face a very troublesome situation where the screen of his iphone went black. He tried pressing all the buttons a couple of times and even charged it for while but he was unlucky. I asked him a couple of times what according to him the possible reason for […]

6 Ways To Export iPhone Contacts To Other Phones


One of the most important type of data that we have stored on our iPhone is in the form of Contacts. One would never want to lose his or her contacts nor can bear the pain of seeing an empty contact list. As a precautionary measure people make a backup/export contacts to their PC or […]

[Solved] Fix Broken Mute Button on iPhone


No matter how expensive your iPhone is and how carefully you handle it, at times mishaps can take place such as the phone slipping through your hand and falling on the ground, falling off a table and so on. The end result of any such mishap is commonly either a broken screen, broken mute button […]

iPhone Percentage Apps Download Indicator [Jailbreak Required]


For a long while there is one thing that annoys me the a little and it is related to the App Store downloads. Whenever I and obviously all you readers, download an application from the App Store its icon appears on the home screen. The downloading begins instantly and the progress bar starts filling up. […]

iOS 6 Photo Share Menu For iOS 5.x


Apple has a very distinct quality of keeping its fans and customers engrossed throughout the year. How do they do it? Apple proceeds in a very planned manner and each year it brings something new to our lives. This year it is the expected iPhone 5 and already released iOS 6. Nothing is confirmed about […]