BBM Finally arrives on iOS7 Platform [Download Link]

For all the BBM lovers who had to switch from Blackberry to Android in order to enjoy huge and good variety of application would love to know that Blackberry has not officially released their BBM application for the iPhone application and I am still not sure about the Android version of this application. This application […]

Google Maps Updated with Tips and Tricks and Faster Navigation


Slowly and slowly the applications for iOS devices are getting revamped and they are getting the feel and the looks of the new iOS7 which is really good. The new applications like kik, Soundwave and RunKeeper are going famous just because the UI of these application has been aligned with the new iOS7. Google is […]

Unable to Download App Bug on iOS7


There is a bug on in the new iOS7 that even if your WiFi is working perfectly then also the error message mentioned below comes up and it does not matter how many times you tap that option of ‘Retry’ it will not download the application and it will rather keep popping the same message […]

iOS 7.0.2 Does Not Prevent the Lock Screen ByPass on iPhone


There has been a vulnerability in iOS7 which has been exploited by users to bypass the unlock screen on iOS7 and it really simple to do. The same has been demonstrated in the video mentioned below and I know this no big news to be talked about but the twist is that after Apple released […]

How-To Facetime Audio all iOS devices [iOS7–New Feature]


Facetime has obviously been a great feature when it comes to iOS family but there have been certain restrictions to its usage. We had many Jailbreak tweaks to break free those restrictions but it seems that iOS has provided us an easier way to utilize that Facetime feature without any restriction and that too with […]

Top 5 Less Known Tips on iOS7


Hi everyone, this digital manual for your new iOS Operating system will help you to get to know this new version of iOS in a little better way. Most of us must have upgraded our iOS devices and would have started playing with it right now. This issue from AppsToUse will help you to get […]

Send Feedback in Google Hangout with a Shake Gesture


If you use Hangout application frequently on your iPhone then there must be any situation wherein any particular feature was not working properly or it crashed or it hanged. In these case you want to intimate the experts about this problem so that you can get rid of such problems. Today in this post I […]

[How To] Turn Off a Particular Chat Notification on Google Hangout


Google hangout application for iPhone is not up to the mark yet. There many issues which users are facing on their iPhones, users have reported that they do not get the notifications instantly and moreover the application takes lot of time to refresh and show the new chat entries. Now there is also an issues […]

Best Application for Mobile Recharge [iPhone / Android]


Today we are here to tell you about the best application over your iPhone or Android or any other mobile platform which can help you to get your phone balance recharged within no time. It is so convenient that you will not be bothered to go to any of the mobile shop again to get […]

Multiple Account Configuration in Google Hangout [iPhone]


As to the likes of Android version of Hangout, you can also maintain multiple account in the Hangout available for iOS. Hangout is nothing but a smart mix of Google Talk with Video chat feature of Google Plus and users usually maintain multiple account for the users at their workplace and the users who are […]