How To Get Android 4.0 Like Lock Screen On Your Android Device


With Ice Cream Sandwich, Google introduced major UI changes to Android in a bid to polish the OS, and bring a common design guideline – Holo – across all apps. Matias Durate’s touch on Ice Cream Sandwich was clearly visible, and for the first time, Android looked as good as iOS and Windows Phone, if […]

Pair Android Device To Nokia Play 360 Speaker In One Tap Via NFC


By default, the one touch pairing of the Nokia Play 360 over NFC does not work with Android devices. Here is how you can enable one-touch NFC pairing with the portable speakers for all NFC equipped Android devices.

[How To] Make Apps Enter Sleep Mode on Android In Background


Multitasking has always been one of Android’s key strength. Compared to iOS and Windows Phone 7/8, Android is the only mobile OS that provides true multitasking. However, the downside to this is the extremely poor battery life. By keeping apps running in the background, the battery life of Android devices are adversely affected. Most Android […]

How To Install Paid Android Apps For Free Using Getjar Gold


Before the iOS AppStore and the Google Play Store took over the world, Getjar was a very popular third party unofficial “app store” for Java and Symbian devices. While Getjar is not as popular as before now, the company does come up with incredible deals from time to time. Last year, the company gave away […]

How To Get Money Refund For Paid Apps on Android Play Store After 15 Minutes


One of the few advantages that the Play Store has over the iOS App Store is that it has a 15-minute refund window for paid apps. Once a user purchases an app from the Play Store, he has up to 15 mins to refund the app, if he does not like it. Earlier Google allowed […]

[How To] Auto Update All or Specific Apps On Android Phone, Tablet


Google’s Play Store might be lagging behind Apple’s iOS AppStore in terms of quality apps and games, but in terms of features and usability, it simply blows the latter out of the water. Unlike the iOS AppStore, Play Store features automatic updating of apps, the ability to refund apps within 15 minutes of purchasing them, […]