Mark Chat Thread as Unread in iPhone Facebook Messenger


Facebook messenger is little complicated as it offers lots of restriction when compared with the desktop version of Facebook messaging. One of the biggest problem in the Facebook messenger OS application is the unavailability of the deleting feature. You cannot delete any chat thread on the application and moreover the options like archiving the whole […]

[App Review] GupShup Messenger – A Free Messaging App For Smart and Feature Phones


As specified in the news of the launch of this application, this application combines the platform of exchanging the messages on Cellular data and SMS. This application might be familiar to the users of India and Indonesian and so, we will review it in this post and let you know that how this application works. […]

Add Text Notes on Android Home Screen With Floating Stickies [App Review]


Windows 7 has been one of the preferred operating systems for a couple of years not just because how well it performs but also for its features. One of the most basic yet interesting feature is the sticky notes which can be placed anywhere on the computer screen without creating any interruption or disturbance to […]

[Review] Temple Run 2 – How Fast You Can Run For Your Life


Temple Run 2 is again a very much addicting game, initially it was all about how fast you can swipe your fingers on the screen and the road always used to be straight but this time it is tougher as now you will see the road through different camera views and they will keep on […]

eBuddy XMS with WEB Interface [WhatsApp Replacement]


Now, when WhatsApp is highly famous among the users, we would like to offer a replacement to that application which offers little more than that. The only feature which lacks in WhatsApp is its computer interface. To use WhatsApp on computer you will have to control your iPhone from computer using different iPhone stimulation methods. […]

A-Rix Meter – Pay Right Fare With Correct Meter Readings [Review]


If you have to another over a long period of time and you do not have a vehicle over there, then I am damn sure that you must have encountered one of the auto rickshaws and no doubt he must have over-priced. It is a very common problem, especially in the metro cities like Delhi, […]

Top Rated iPhone Apps To Read News Global or Local

Recently I read an article on a newspaper that 40 percent readers have stopped subscribing newspapers at their home and most of these users are youth who use tech gizmos to cover every piece of information related to news, while they are on move. There are lots of applications which can help you to get […]

Monster Job iPhone App Review India


Some of the pioneers in Job consultancy in India are, and Most of the fresher and experienced workers are pretty familiar with these sites but the only problem with these websites is they are not available on your mobile phones. Now even if you will say that you open these sites on […]