How to Hide Text Messages On Your Android Phone


When you carry your smartphone with you, you carry many other confidential things too with it. Those confidential assets are your pictures, your videos and sometimes your messages. Some things are so personal that you don’t want others to view it or read it even accidentally. You should already be using KeepSafe for hiding your […]

Remotely Run Commands on Android Device Via SMS


Consider a scenario, you reach your office or college and discover that you have left the phone at your home. Now there is an emergency to get a contact from your phone. To make it more worse you don’t have the contact synced through Google. What will you do next? Panic. Wouldn’t it be great […]

[MightyText] Place Calls, Send, Receive Text messages on your PC [Android]


Few years back it seemed like a distorted illusion. As in you are sitting at your desk and your phone rings and you could answer that from your computer itself. Or a message arrives and you could read and reply from your computer itself. Well not anymore. You can do that by installing a simple […]

[How To] SMS Reply on Android From PC


Emails and Whatsapp may have taken over the world, but Short Messaging Service a.k.a SMS was and is still around. However, one problem that all major SMS-alternative services face including SMSs itself is that users can only reply to these messages from their phone. There is no way to reply to a message on Whatsapp, […]