How To Get unlimited Cloud Space to store data


I am going to tell you a smart tip which will help you to get this done very easily. Cloud storage is one of the most expensive storage media where you can store your data. There is no cloud service which offers free data storage. It started getting popular with Dropbox and now we have […]

[Fix] What and Why are these Blue Dots on iPhone [iOS New Feature]


There is a new UI feature in the new iOS7 which puts a blue dot behind the name of the application which has been recently installed or which has been recently updated. Now in this post I will tell you that what does this signify and if your iPhone is automatically putting this in front […]

How To Check Cellular Data Used by Applications on iPhone [iOS7 Feature]


Till iOS6 we have been installing many application to know that what amount of cellular data is being used by what all applications on the iPhone. So, that we could limit the usage of the application while we are using the Cellular data. Luckily this feature is now one of the new features which have […]

How To Monitor and revoke Cellular Data for applications [iOS]


Whenever we install an application on our iPhone and then it does not ask access to the cellular data of your iPhone as it does for the access of Bluetooth, Photo Gallery, Location services and camera. But whenever you are not in the range of any WiFi hotspot you tend to use the cellular data […]

How To Copy Music Songs, Videos From iPhone to PC


There are many ways to transfer songs from your laptop to iPhone, you can manually copy and paste the songs to the music section of your iPhone or you can create one playlist and sync your iPhone only to that particular playlist, keep on changing it all the times as per your mood and then […]

Make Notifications For Facebook Messenger on iPhone For Some Hours or All Time


Facebook Messenger application specially designed for the users to chat over it has been improving over couple of months in the past. Now they have the provision to send the voice recording to the other users but the only problem I feel in this feature is that the recording will only take place till you […]

Why System Services on iPhone Use Location Services [Know Your iPhone]


If you want to preserve your battery for a longer period of time then it is for sure that you will be conscious about mainly 2 factors, firstly the brightness and the other one is the location services. Since the upgrade of iOS 5.0, the location services are only used when an application needs them […]

[How To] Guide To Install Older Version of Apps on iPhone


Many users have reported that they might like the previous versions of the applications, reason being they might be fed up of any bug or but then the question is how to downgrade it to the lower version. When your iPhone syncs with iTunes on your computer it replaces all the old version of applications […]

[How-To] Add Plus Symbol While Dialing or Adding a Contact on iPhone


If you are dealing with the phone numbers where most of them include extension numbers, then we do have a very simple solution to it to save your time. Usually, when the call is connected then you need to enter those extension numbers, usually you cannot save them on the phone and every time you […]

iPhone Upload Photos Directly to a Folder in DropBox


Dropbox is most commonly used cloud based application on iPhone, because of the ease with which the images gets uploaded automatically and gets synced with the application version installed on your desktop. Moreover it is secure, because it has a separate passcode arrangement so, even if your friend known the passcode of your phone, he […]