See Real Time Twitter Feeds in Safari [iOS7–New Feature]


If you are atwitter fan then I am sure you will be checking out all the important news over twitter and that is the reason we end opening large number of websites on Safari while using Twitter. So, Safari got smarter and took care of this problem by not letting you go to ‘Twitter’ again. […]

[How To] Turn Off the Location Based Trends on iPhone Twitter App


With the update in the Twitter application, they rolled out a new feature with the help of which users will not have to search for a long time for the trends available in the Discover section of their interest. Usually the users of Twitter are always into the trends related to their interest and most […]

Get Alerts On iPhone When Selected Twitter Id Tweets


If you are a geek like me then you must be following lots of users on twitter and most of the times it is not possible to track all the tweets by them. So, what can be the smartest way to get to know about all the tweets for some of the important people in […]

Major New Features in iOS Updated Twitter App


So, Twitter got updated for the iOS devices and many new features have been introduced this time, though the major upgrades are only 2 of them. But nothing has changed in the UI of twitter only it is only easier to access the links on the tweets while using your application and the best part […]

Vine: Attach 6 Second Video with your Tweets [Detail Feature Review]


Twitter has always been about sharing something short and crisp and that’s is the reason it has always put a limit to the characters in your tweets, they could have also increased this limit as Facebook as done with their Facebook status and as Orkut did with its scraps but as per the concept tweet […]

Upload HD Video From iPhone Without Compression with Youtube Capture


Google has released a new application which makes it very easy for you to upload the videos directly from your iPhone. You can share those videos instantly not only on YouTube but also on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. After taking the video you can add any other background audio from YouTube soundtracks and then […]

All Tweaks To Tweet From iPhone Notification Center [ For Jailbroken and Non Jailbroken Phones ]


Though, in iOS5 a better integration with Twitter was observed but still it lags in some of its features. Tweeting is fun when done instantly at any point of time, but if you want to tweet from an iPhone which has not been jailbroken then you will have to launch the application and then compose […]

Speak To Type on iPhone With Voice To Apps


Today, we will be reviewing an application named as ‘ Voice To Apps – Voice To Messages, Email, Facebook and Twitter ’, which will help you to speak to type on iphone with most the application, to send any SMS or update your Facebook status or Twitter Tweet by just giving a verbal command. The […]