[How-To] Turn On Auto-Backup for WhatsApp [iPhone]


There are some chats with my friends on Whatsapp which I would love to keep throughout my life and I am sure that you also will be willing to save few of the chats, but it is not possible to keep this thing every time in mind as we have got many other important things […]

[How To] Create WhatsApp Chat Shortcut on Your Android Device Home Screen


Today we will be telling you about the Whatsapp Feature which is available only for android devices and it is really useful for the Whatsapp Messaging lovers. The shortest way to access a chat on Whatsapp can be by the single tap on an icon from the home screen but we usually open the application […]

Migrate Your WhatsApp Account to Other Number


Usually when we navigate our Whatsapp account from one number to another then we are supposed to start the Whatsapp account from fresh (which means you lose all the Whatsapp data associated with the previous number). But in this post we will tell you a solution to this wherein you will be able to switch […]

Audio Recording on WhatsApp Push To Talk Feature [iPhone]


Audio recording feature and that too directly from the Whatsapp application was something new that Windows users now have on their phones. This feature has gone very old on Android and iOS Platforms and moreover there has been further changes to the recording feature of Whatsapp on iPhone. Now you will have the option to […]

[Tip] Recover Whats App Deleted Items on Android

Uninstall WhatsApp

WhatsApp is the most popular cross-platform instant messaging app. It is available for all the major mobile operating systems. The simplicity is what makes it popular across. The throughout experience of the WhatsApp app must be gratifying but moments of frustrations is bound to happen sometimes. Like if you accidentally delete your chat history of […]

Know When Does Other Person Opened Whatsapp To Read Your Sent Message


Privacy is always a big concern of the users while using any application of internet or on their phones. WhatsApp has the feature of showing the users the ‘time-stamp’ of when the other user checked his/her WhatsApp. It might be annoying for you, when you do not want to reply the message but the user […]

eBuddy XMS with WEB Interface [WhatsApp Replacement]


Now, when WhatsApp is highly famous among the users, we would like to offer a replacement to that application which offers little more than that. The only feature which lacks in WhatsApp is its computer interface. To use WhatsApp on computer you will have to control your iPhone from computer using different iPhone stimulation methods. […]

[How-To] Backup Chat Text and Media Files in WhatsApp Chat Conversations


WhatsApp is considered to be a very good IM application, reason being it keeps the record of all the chat which has been done with every friend of yours on your iPhone. But you never know if your iPhone gets restored due to any OS bug or you might need to delete the application from […]