Control iPhone Volume Without Using Physical Volume Buttons

There many users who reported us the following problem about their iphone 4, iphone 3gs and other iphone newer and older models in which they are no longer able to control or in other words increase or decrease iphone volume using the physical volume buttons.

After some searching we found that, one can easily live without iphone physical volume up and down buttons as there are other work around already available for both users whose iphone is jailbroken and the ones who don’t have their iphone jailbroken.

For Those With Non Jailbroken iPhone

You can easily control the iphone volume under Settings >> Sounds by moving the slider under Ringer and Alerts as shown in the image below.


Or Else you just need to double click the home button and then slide the apps icon and then iTunes music towards right, until you see the volume rocker as shown in the image below.


For Those With Jailbroken iPhone

You will need to download SB Settings plugin and then download Volume Slider Widget and use it to control the volume on iphone.

1. Launch Cydia – Search – SBSsettings and then download and install it. Launch Cydia – Search – Volume Slider Widget, Broken volume button sound fixed without having to physically pay for anything.

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