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Translate Web-Pages Directly in Chrome 28 for Android

Just after few days Google launched Chrome Version 28 for Desktop, it released Chrome 28 for Android with some notable improvements. These are

  •  Integrated Google Translate Support
  •  Full Screen mode support on tablets
  • New and optimised user interface for Right to left languages which include Arabic, Farsi and Hebrew.

Enable Google Translation in Chrome


Among all these the notable improvements, biggest addition is the Google Translate Support. To enable it check if you are using the latest version of the application. You can do that by going to settings – apps and tap the Chrome. Once you are sure you should check Chrome if the Google Translation are enabled there. Go to settings in Chrome, then Content Settings and set Google Translate to On if not already.


Try opening a site other than English and you will get option automatically to translate that into your native language. I tried translating a Chinese tech blog, and it did a fantastic job apart from some formatting issues.


The full screen support was already added in the Android Smartphone. That is when you scroll your page up, the address bar automatically hides and reappears when you scroll the page down. The same feature is now supported on the tablets too.

While these are pretty useful enhancements, i am still waiting for an effecting data compression feature like Opera in Chrome too. Right now in terms of getting faster access to websites all you can do is select it to preload the web page. The option can be enabled either always or only at Wi-Fi or can be disabled. These can be found in the Bandwidth Management option under settings.


Best File Manager On Android With Integrated Download Manager

At Google Play Store there is a pyramid of apps which let you browse the file system (called File Explorers), each one carrying there own pros and cons. While choosing a complete File Explorer we take care of functionalities like its support for displaying every file extension, its support for Cloud storage services and so on. We did exactly same test before trying this ES File Explorer and it passed out by flying colours with some additional benefits.

Features of ES File Explorer

Ever since the ES file Explorer got its V3 update, it has become even more efficient file managers. Apart from supporting the local file system (internal and storage included), the ES File Explorer has even support for the LAN as well as eight different Cloud storage system which includes Dropbox, SkyDrive, and Google Drive as well.

Screenshot_2013-08-24-11-39-52 Screenshot_2013-08-24-11-40-13


Fast access pan provides quick access for your favourite items, Local (items stored in your external and internal storages), library which includes Pictures, Music, Movies and Books, and to to Network. The app explorer scans all your items and tapping on Music or Movies will take you to all music/movies stored irrespective of their location on the card. The ES File Explorer has also a built in Image Browser.

Screenshot_2013-08-24-11-43-11 Screenshot_2013-08-24-12-00-08

ES File Explorer is not just a File Manager for Android. Its a full featured application manager. A whole lot of tools like App Manager, Download Manager, System Manager, SD Card Analyst etc are present as supplement. SD Card Analyst analyses your SD card and gives you a graphical representation of storage spaces used in your phone. Similarly Directory Analyze gives a graphical representation of storage spaces occupied by Pictures, Audio, Video, Documents, etc.

Screenshot_2013-08-24-11-51-22 Screenshot_2013-08-24-11-50-00

The main advantage of ES File Explorer lies in its support for other external resources apart form local storage. Those external resources include the LAN support, Wi-Fi support, and Cloud storage support. If you are looking for a free, yet powerful file managers of android ES File Explorer is the one you should give a shot to.

Download ES File Explorer | Google Play Store


Edit Audio, Trim and Merge Video on YouTube Capture [iOS]

The best free video editing tool available for iOS device is the YouTube Capture and in this post I will tell you all the reason to believe that. You can use this application to merge two or more videos, trim any recorded video or add any other audio in the background of the video and finally upload it directly on YouTube in your Channel. Let us see that how these features can be used.

All Editing Features on a Single Screen

The moment you launch the application, you will see ‘All videos’ which can be used to see all video available on your device, the video which have already been uploaded which highlighted whereas the rest will be accompanied by the option of edit and upload.


Now tap any of the video which has not been uploaded yet and you will be taken to another screen where you will see something like the one shown above in the screenshot.


Now at the top you have an option of Edit Music which can be used to change the audio in the background of the video. You can either choose any of the song available in the iTunes or you can opt to choose any of the tracks on behalf YouTube on that Application.


There is a mini player in the screen which can be used to play it and check the preview of the video, from time to time after you make the changes. Below this mini player, you have the option to trim the video with the help of white bars. You can scroll them horizontally to trim it to any length.


Lastly you have the ‘+’ which can be used to add any further video to that video. Once you tap it, it will ask whether you want to record a new video and add it to this or you want to add already available video on your iPhone.


If you are using all these tweaks over your iPhone 4 then it will be very slow and you will have to have some patience while dealing with the application. You can also opt to create a different channel if you want to upload a video in some other channel. I hope you will be able to take a good advantage of this feature, please let us know if you face any problem while using this application ‘YouTube Capture’.


Boost Your JAVA, SAP, Database Knowledge With This Free App

There are myriad of things that our smartphones can do. Taking pictures, communicating, taking notes are just few of them. We spend majority of time gluing ourselves to smartphone screens liking pictures, sending emoticons, laughing at jokes and every other enjoyable things.

This time we bring you an app that is a bit different from league. The app Guru99 is for nerds that are more interested in how a class in java works than counting the likes recieved on a photo.

What is Guru99?


It is a tutorial app that teaches you about functionalities of operating system, java programming, Database, Software Testing and SAP. It starts from scratch and takes you to the summit. It provides you all the necessary experience that you would ever use to encounter any problem.

What Is So Cool?


The coolest feature is that this provides you the video tutorials. Videos give you one on one experience. Rewind, pause, loop, do whatever it takes to take a full command on the course. When you are done take quiz and check your progress. The head-turner is that its free.


Any cons?

Of course there is. You will need a really fast internet to play with it. So if you have slow connection you will start by being frustrated and end up by uninstalling it. Keep calm and learn.


So at the end of the day this app will definitely come handy when you have resources to operate it. A decent internet connection in your smartphone and you can turn your self in a database programmer. Okay not that but still close to that.

Download Guru99 | Google Play Store


Show Chatheads while Watching Movie or Playing Game [Android]

Priorities for the users of Facebook Messenger vary a lot, some of them want those chat heads to be there all the time whenever someone pings and some of them don’t want them to disturb while they are watching a movie or playing a game over full screen. Don’t worry because we have a solution to this problem. Usually when you install Facebook Messenger for the first time then by default it will never let chatheads come up in between any of the applications which require full screen to operate (wherein you cannot even see time or the whole taskbar at the top of the screen).

How To Toggle This Feature

If you are a great chatter and don’t want to miss out on any notification from Facebook Messages then go to the settings options and then you will see the Option Off Chatheads.


If you toggle the button to OFF then you will completely turn off this feature and then they will not appear anymore on your screen but if you wish to allow them in the games of movie player applications also, then tap on the checkbox to uncheck it and then they will literally appear in between any application on your Android device.


Another thing I would like to notify that usually when you use the Facebook to check the Messages then on tapping upon any of the chats it will be pop out as the chat head but on disabling this chat head feature you will be directed to messenger application when you are try to read the chat in the Facebook Messenger.


This tip is good for toggling the chat heads as per your priorities. Please let us know if you face any other problem while dealing with the Facebook Chatheads or any other feature. You may use uninstall this Messenger application and do everything on the Facebook main application if you are not a big chatter there.


[How-To] Set the Status in Google Hangout Application

One of the worst part of hangout application was not being able to set the status, which is really useful to convey a message that why you might not be able to reply to their messages promptly. And now luckily that feature is back in this application for both the platforms. When it comes to Android then this application has been updated with the SMS integration which was already implemented in Facebook Messenger (and I really hated this feature).


What Type Of Status Can You Set

On iPhone you don’t have this integration but you can set the status of your hangout but with certain constraint. First of all the users in the Google Talk list will not be able to see that status, secondly you will not be able to set the status in form of any desired text rather you will have large number of icon displaying different kind of moods, which will be used to set the status.


Thirdly you will also have the option to show that on which device are you using the hangout, whether it your phone, your laptop or your tablet. Another great point about this new update on this application is that if you are on a call and you are logged on hangout through the smartphone applications then you status will automatically reflect that.


These status can be altered in the Settings section wherein you will see a separate option for this ne feature. So these are some good features in the new hangout update, but I also wanted them to be reflected in the Google Chat section. Please let us know if you face any problem while following up with this tip.

Android Tips

Google KeyBoard – Some Tips to Use it More Efficiently

Not many days ago, Google released their Stock keyboard as an external application in the play store. With this move, came many other advantages accompanied. One of them was the app will continue to receive updates no matter the OS receives updates or not. Its a Android 4.2 keyboard but only requires Android 4.0.

Surprisingly and unfortunately, many manufacturers out there override the stock Android keyboard with their own. However you can also install the keyboard like any other app. Search for Google Keyboard in the Google play store and install directly from there. If the Play store avoids downloading of the app due to countries restrictions, you can always search forums like XDA Developers forums.

Enable the Keyboard

Once you have installed the application, enable it from Settings, Language and input and then enable the Google Keyboard along with the Google Voice Typing. Now you are ready to play with the Google Keybaord.


At first glance, the keyboard might look like any other keyboards you used previously but the most highlighted feature is the gesture typing. Simply swipe your fingers across the letters without lifting your hands and the keyboard will guess accurately what you are trying to type. When you lift your finger up from the screen, the word is typed automatically. You need not to tap spaces and you can continue swiping other words directly.

Error Correction and Word Prediction

The three modes of Auto Correction, namely Modest, Aggressive and Very Aggressive let you take the complete control over how the Android treats your typed words. i.e you can put modest mode while you chat with your buddies and put the Aggressive mode when typing an email.

The word prediction need no introduction but all i can say is it is surprisingly accurate. There are dictionaries for 26 languages plus few keyboard layouts to give you a fast, reliable and accurate typing experience.

Quick Punctuation

In normal keyboards you need to tap the ?123 button to type a special symbol and then again tap the ABC to return to alphabets. In gesture typing simply slide from the ?123 to the symbol you want to type and once types it automatically will return to the alphabets keyboard.


Text Expansion

Text Expansion saves a lot of time in typing the words you use regularly. To make a text expansion go the settings, Language and Input and press the settings of the Google Keyboard. In Text Correction tap the Personal dictionary. Now tap the plus icon to add an Expansion. Write the Phrase you use regularly and then type a shortcut word to which will expand it.


Now next time whenever you type that shortcut you will get an option to replace that word with the phrase you already defined.


Easy Capitalisation

You are writing a sentence and you want a word in the middle of a sentence to carry the first letter as capital. You can do the long cut way or simply tap that word and press shift. The first letter automatically gets capitalised.

These were the few tips for using the keyboard more efficiently. Do you use another power tip? Share with us in comments below.

Apps Lists

[3-Must Apps List] Watchout, Neatly and Repix

This section will include the three applications which have been randomly selected and primarily which may end up satisfying three different needs of the users. As a short preface, I would say that today we have covered an application for the Twitter lovers, this application will give them a new interface and few more parameters to be busy with while tweeting on Twitter. Another application helps you to take a look at the 2 screen at the same time and this application is at-least really useful for me. The third one is an image editing tool (not the ordinary one).

App-#1 Neatly For Twitter

This application is for the Twitter lovers, most of the times when we enter the section of trends we do not get the trend topics of our interest. But this application will make sure that the trends which is really favorite to you should be attached to you all the time. You can also check the relationship between you and any of your followers or any other person at random. So, if that personal tweets usually about the same interest of yours then you can actually follow him.


Moreover the new interface also looks pretty cool to me and change in the UI colors is always (once in a while). The only you might have to bear with is the rare of loading of the new tweets. I don’t follow much of the people so I don’t have any clue about it.

DownloadPlay Store | App Store (NA)

App-#2 Watchout

If you are really into the news articles all the time, then I am sure that while watching the TV shows or the movies you must be minimizing the episodes for a while and then checking the window. It may also happen that you are watching a wonderful movie and suddenly someone pings you for some urgent chat on your smartphone. This application will help you to do both the things at the same time and so you will not even have to pause the movie while chatting with your friends on your phone.


A small section of your screen will be available for the real time camera footage by your smartphone. So, you will be able to watch your laptop from that section. Now, I know that there is not point of watching a good movie from that but hey!! That’s only for few minutes right (you can manage that) and look at the best part you will not have to pause the show and spoil the fun part.

DownloadPlay Store | App Store (NA)

App-#3 Repix

Now if you do not know much about the editing for the photos, then I will recommend not to use this application because there are other good alternatives available for you. This application is meant for pro (who are actually good at Photoshop) and can understand the meaning of all the effects that application provides. This application has good number of tools which can make slightest and perfect changes which are very difficult to differentiate by simple looking at it.

DownloadPlay Store | App Store


How To Get unlimited Cloud Space to store data

I am going to tell you a smart tip which will help you to get this done very easily. Cloud storage is one of the most expensive storage media where you can store your data. There is no cloud service which offers free data storage. It started getting popular with Dropbox and now we have large number of options which includes Microsoft Skydrive, Google Drive and others. When a user creates an account over Google then he already gets a cloud storage space of 10GB for all the activities and files which are associated by using the Google services.


10GB is a good amount of free space if you simply want to save only the important stuff over your account and if your account is old then you will have this free space as 15GB which is again really good. This 15GB will have all the mails available on the Gmail account and also the files uploaded on Google Docs. Now the Google Drive application for Android and iPhone has been recently updated which can help you to monitor multiple Google Accounts on Google Drive pretty easily.

How To Do It?

Whenever you getting out of space then you can create another Google Account for a new 10GB free of Google Drive space and then start uploading your files there. But make sure you share all those files with the primary account which you usually access all the time. So, through you are uploading from different ends, but you will be able to read and edit all the files from a single frame (this is from your primary account).


The screenshot shows that I am sharing a file with my primary account and then using my phone to manage both the accounts at the same time. If you have the application installed on your tablet or smartphone, you will not even have to enter the passwords again and again but if you are using the desktops then you can open another account by using the incognito mode of your Google Chrome browser.

Problems You May Face.

You may face the problems like he handling of all those Google Accounts can be bit of a problem. So, try to set the same passwords for all those accounts.

Every time you upload any damn file!! There number can be huge but you cannot help it you will have to share every one of them with the primary account in order to take the advantage of the tip. So, upload all the files at once and then click the select all option to select all the files. Now click share and then share all those files atone. I think this solves your problem.


This will help you to get a good amount of cloud space for you. You can use the same method for Skydrive accounts also but I am not sure whether you can manage multiple account in their applications for android or iPhone. I hope this solves your problem to a certain extent. Please let us know if you face any other problem while using this tip.

Download Google Drive – iOS | Android


Facebook Messenger Gets a new UI and Few New Features

Facebook Messenger has been updated with a new UI for iPhone and Android both and in this post we will talking about the updates in both the platforms. The UI is somewhat similar in both the platforms but there have been certain problem which users have reported in the Chat heads after installing this update. Most of these complaints and problems have been reported in the ratings and reviews section of Android on the Google Play Store and as far iOS version is concerned people are loving the new UI because it completely jells with the new UI of iOS7.


iOS Version of Facebook Messenger

This messenger application completely takes over the chat feature on Facebook, in other words now you will not be able to chat via your Facebook application which is usually used to check out the notifications and newsfeeds. Whenever you tap the messenger section in the Facebook main application then it will take you to the new Facebook Messenger application.



After chatting when you wish to go back to checking the newsfeeds or notifications then you will have to change the application which is somewhat annoying because initially it was much easier to switch between the application and the newsfeeds but they are 2 different applications.


The application now also has the feature to sync with the contacts on your iPhone in order to show you that who all are available on Facebook Messenger.

Android version of Facebook Messenger

The UI is almost similar to what you would have read above in the iPhone section. In the older version any Facebook chat used to open in form of chat heads by now you are using some other application then only the chats will ping as the notifications in form of chat heads and from there you can choose the open to go to the main application to chat or else if you still want to be busy with the current application and then you can reply in chat-head itself and then close it.


When you will see the contacts section of the application, then there you will find that all the friends who are online or active either on their cellphones or on desktop (and this will be clearly mentioned in front of their names). If you do not want to appear like that in anyone of your friend’s Facebook Messenger then you can toggle the button named Active to OFF which make you inactive in other Facebook Messenger application.



Facebook Messenger is slowly increasing the degree of its integration with your smartphone, it has already done that with its application named Facebook Home on the Android devices and now it gets into the contact section for the iPhone users. Please let us know if you face any problem while using this application as we have seen many negative reviews recently for the users who have upgraded their Facebook application (especially for Android users).