360 Mobile Security Review [Android]

Android is all about openness. Myriad of apps are available for you to download either from the Android (read Google) proprietary Play Store, or Amazon Store or from the any corner of the Internet. The openness which i liked about is not only its strength but also one of the cause of vulnerabilities. That is where anti viruses for Android come into notice.

Though there are too many anti viruses available for android but one of them has more than three thousand reviews and gains 4.8 star ratings. 360 mobile security i am talking about. The ultra minimal and clean and beautiful interface is what makes it apart from the mass.

Getting Started

The app is freely available at the Google Play Store and you won’t have to apply rocket science in installing it. The moment you first open you’ll notice the beautiful blurred background and colourful icons greeting you and making you aware of the features of the same. Vertically scrolling on boarding sequence that is called. Just to note that the app requires the root access of your phone.


Virus Scanning

For the first time it is preferable and suggested that you let the app quick scan your entire phone. The progress circle is definitely futuristic in looks and below the animation there is a detail pane which tells about the current app being scanned.


After the scan i was presented with the following result of a vulnerability and methods to fix it. Though you don’t require to take any action manually, 360 Mobile security does the job for you.


Task Killer

360 Mobile security gives you a complete device protection along with the device optimisation too. The app has an inbuilt feature called System Cleanup which clears out your RAM but destroying the running apps. Although not a suggested thing to do on modern android phones.


Floating Overlay

After installation of 360 mobile security you will notice a floating overlay which displays the current used memory percentage. Tapping it opens an overlay with toggles for Wi-Fi, brightness, GPS and other important settings.

Holding and dragging the overlay pops a drop target that causes the task killer to run and ultimately clean up applications.

Notification Center

The 360 Mobile Security also appears on the notification centre with a strip containing the shortcut for the app, current percentage of memory usage, shortcuts for alarms, recent apps and a very interesting feature flashlight.


In my more than two weeks of usage i have found the app suitable and useful. A question can a mobile security software has to look too good pops every time i use it but than as it doesn’t affect its performance i answer myself “Whats wrong in that?”.

Do you use any mobile security app for your Android phone? If yes which one and what makes you use it?

Download 360 Mobile Security | Google Play Store

By Kamal Nayan

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