5 Free Apps To Hide, Lock Photos & Videos In Gallery On Android Phone

Our Smartphones are no longer a public commodity to be used by anyone out there and that includes our friends and family too. With all the private videos and pictures we want to have on our devices that we would not like to be seen by others without our consent, our mobiles have become the most personal thing to all of us. But at the same time, we cant even deny them to have a look at the device for its features and feel as it would be really harsh thing to do. What’s the solution to this problem? Simple, use the apps that enable you to keep your pictures and videos safe and protected. Here we are reviewing some of the best apps for Android devices that will help you with the same.


A simple and efficient app that would help you hide your pictures and videos from others. Right after launching the app, it will ask you to create a secret pin which will prevent any other person to get a sneak peak into your ‘Safe’ gallery. You can hide your pictures and videos in the default gallery in 2 simple ways – You can either select and add photos using the Keep Safe app by clicking on ‘Add Pictures’ button you’ll find at the bottom of the page when you’ll launch into the app or you could add pictures from your default photo gallery. Just open the picture and share it with ‘Keep Safe’ to lock it.

keep safe 1

There are plenty of other features as well :

  • unhide, share, delete the pictures and videos as you like
  • rotate, zoom, slideshow, full-screen viewing features
  • create folders, sort the order by date or name
  • a complete ‘Tutorial’ on how to use the app and a ‘Pin-reminder’ feature that would help you get your pin sent to your email address in case you ever forget it.

App Requirements : Compatible with Android OS 2.1 and up.

Our Rating: 4.5/5 | Price: Free | Visit Android Market Link To Install This App



In terms of features and usage, this app is very much like the ‘Keep Safe’ app with slight differences. Other app advertisements pop up while using the app and there’s no slideshow and password-recovery feature in this one. In the Vaulty’s gallery, you can view the pictures in two formats – the Grid view & the List view. Also, you can sort the files by date, size, type, file name and random options whereas there’s just date and size options in the ‘Keep Safe’ app.


There’s an upgrade app available called Vaulty Stocks for Rs 250.15 that helps you go one step ahead in keeping your pictures and videos safe as they are disguised as a fake stocks app. No one will ever know you’re hiding something in first place. You’ll also get a slideshow feature and there will be no advertisements in the upgraded version.

App Requirements : compatible with Android OS 1.6 and up.

Our Rating: 4.5/5 | Price: Free | Visit Android Market Link To Install This App



With Hide It Pro app, you go into greater levels of your Smartphone’s security as it enables you to hide and secure all your Audio files and applications as well than just your pictures and videos like in the above mentioned 2 apps. Furthermore, unlike the Vaulty app, in which you need to buy a upgrade version of RS 251.15 to disguise your stuff as fake stocks app, Hide It Pro does a similar thing for free – Disguises itself as a Audio Manager app which can be used to turn the volumes up and down and the actual Hide It Pro app will launch when you’ll long press on the Audio Manager title. Then before using the app, you have to run the app setup. it contains 2 types of lockscreen – pin based(0-9 digits) and password based(using alphabets), whereas there’s only the former in KeepSafe and latter in Vaulty. You can retrieve your pin/password in case you forget it in this one too.

hide it pro 1

Once you complete your initial set-up and gets started with the app, you can safeguard almost your complete phone – messages, videos, pictures, audio files, applications, contacts, call logs, etc. And for the Slideshow, you can set the duration, animation type(fade,zoom or slide) and order(sequential or random). The app do contain the advertisements when internet access is there.

hide it pro 3

You’ll need to do download some plug-ins from the android market for various security features within the app. But I am sure when you start using the app and explore its features, you’ll find it better than the others in this segment.

App Requirements : Compatible with Android OS 1.6 and up.

Our Rating: 5/5 | Price: Free | Visit Android Market Link To Install This App


4. Media Hide

If simplicity is your flavor, and you want to use only those apps that are very easy to use, you must go for Media Hide app for hiding your pictures and videos from your default gallery. Just launch into the app, set a password, then login with the set password and you are on the main page straight away. Just need to tap on the ‘Select Media To Hide’ tile at the bottom of the page and you’ll see all your pictures and videos from the gallery in the list or grid form( At the top left of the screen, tap the icons for “grid” and “list” view to switch between the two viewing modes). Just right check the ones you want to hide and tap on the ‘hide’ option at bottom and it’s done. That’s all. You can also delete them. Or you can just open your gallery, open the images and videos you want to hide, Select the “Share” option, Select Media Hide from the list and it’s done.

media hide

You can also zoom-in and zoom-out the pictures, but other features like the rotate pictures and slideshow will be available in the Pro version of the app which is not yet there in the android market.

App Requirements : Compatible with Android OS 1.6 and up.

Our Rating: 4/5 | Price: Free | Visit Android Market Link To Install This App

5. Gallery Lock

When you launch into the app, it asks you to set the password but you can opt not to. You can create different folders for different types of pictures/videos you want to hide. First select the folder, then there are 2 straight options – ‘Add Photo’ and ‘Add Video’, tapping on the former opens up your pictures from the gallery and the latter opens up your videos. Just tap on the one and it is transferred to this hidden folder or you also have the ‘Multiple Files Hiding’ option.


There is one unique features about this app – the Stealth Mode. This amazing feature makes the launch icon to hide so that no one couldn’t know this app is installed on your phone and that you are trying to hide some pictures and videos. Instead, only you can have the access to this app. In this case, you’ll have to dial up your password number to run the app.

All features of FREE version are same with PRO version(comes for Rs 139.26), except the Camera Feature in the latter, whereby you can take a shot and the pic/video will be hided in the hidden folder automatically. You decide if its worth the price.

App Requirements : Compatible with Android OS 2.2 and up.

Our Rating: 4/5 | Price: Free | Visit Android Market Link To Install This App.

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