A-Rix Meter – Pay Right Fare With Correct Meter Readings [Review]

If you have to another over a long period of time and you do not have a vehicle over there, then I am damn sure that you must have encountered one of the auto rickshaws and no doubt he must have over-priced. It is a very common problem, especially in the metro cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and more. Even if you ask them to follow the rickshaw auto fare, they have some tweak on their meter which will again over charge you.

Now you might be wondering that why I am putting this problem in a post here as there is not application which can take care of such a specific problem? Well, I have a solution to it with a very good application and the users having android and iOS smartphones can use this application.

A-Rix Meter App Review

We have mentioned certain which can be used to track your motion while working out, now the same principle can be used in tracking the motion of your auto rickshaw (i.e. GPS) and thus multiplying the distance covered by the correct fare will give you the fair fare which should be given to the auto-rickshaw.


Once you launch this application, it will take some time to get acquainted with GPS on your phone. So launch this application as soon as you get inside the auto. Now, you will just have to select the type of conveyance which will being used by you, it can be an auto-rickshaw, a taxi and or any other personally hired vehicle. If you will select the third option you will see the screen mentioned below.


On this screen, you will have to mention all the details of that cab and then tap ‘tick mark’ button. Now after selecting any of the options mentioned above, you will have to slide the slider as highlighted in the screenshot below.


Once you slide the slider, meter reading will start and then it will keep on calculating, there are certain drawbacks with this application. Firstly, it will not let you know the fare to a certain point even if you know the distance and it will also not display the fare chart for auto-rickshaw and if you want this application to work properly then you should not press home button or lock the screen while using this app or else it will stop at the time when you have pressed home button and then, when you will launch this application again, it will directly link the previous point with the current point without considering any U-turn or other off-road travelling.



Once you finish the journey, put the slider back to its previous position and then a popup will appear as mentioned in the screenshot above. Just enter the amount actually paid, don’t worry it will not do anything, I don’t know why does it ask for it? For now this application can be used only in Delhi, Bangalore and Mumbai.

Similar Apps To Calculate Right Taxi Fare

  • Taxometer [ Global ]  – Above mentioned app, is only for India as for now so all the US citizens can use this application to calculate the taxi fare at any point. Taxometer is able to calculate the price of any taxi fare in 300 cities in 35 countries all over the world. There are rates for all major cities in the USA, Canada, Australia, Europe …and more!
  • Taxi fare [ Global ] – This application can be used by anyone in the world if you know the basic fare rates and the distance between the two point, unlike the apps mentioned above it will not track the whole distance then tell you the fare. It is a simple Taxi fare calculator in which all the input data will be provided by you manually.

Both the applications mentioned above are paid.


As of all the applications mentioned above, Indian users can opt for A-Rix Meter and US citizens can opt for Taxometer. For others, a less featured application is available called Taxi Fare. There are not much applications related to this feature, so please let us know if you come across any of the similar apps. Finally, just remember that there might be certain error in the calculation done by these apps.

Our Rating: 4/5 | Price: Free | Visit Apple Store Link | Visit Google Play Link

By Abhinav Singh

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