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Adaptxt Keyboard For Android Bring Personalized Mixed Language Keyboard For You

Have you felt like typing in your own local language in android, if yes then you should know about a free beta app which has been recently rolled released on android google playstore, this app called Adaptxt support both android tablets and mobile phones.

KeyPoint Technologies which is the company behind the Adaptxt has created this app and it provides text entry assistance on Android devices. Creating faster, smarter & fluid texting in 68 languages, ‘Adaptxt’ is developed to provide valuable features like smart and predictive texting on an Android device.


The first time you run this app after installing it from android market – it will tell you about what it can do in the first welcome screen that it can allows you to install 21 new languages, wikipedia lookup and you can swipe on the space bar to change the language on the keyboard and you can simply delete words with one single tap.

Keyboard Languages You Can Download

When it comes to languages, you have a large number of languages to choose from in order to personalize your android device keyboard.  


You can easily switch to the android adaptxt keyboard by long tap press on a text box and then select the adaptxt keyboard.


For Indian android mobile users it offers Hinglish which is a combination of hindi and english and Banglish which is a combination of Bangla and English. It provides some really nice and relevant next word prediction, next word prediction, automatic learning, error-correction & word completion inputs by combining the best of artificial intelligence and computing technology.

Wikipedia Lookup – You can easily press on word for the wikipedia lookup.


Another good security feature added to adaptxt keyboard is that it does not learn password so you can sure about typing password from this keyboard inside any app.


Compatibility with Android Versions?

This keyboard can be installed on android devices running Froyo 2.2 or higher so we can say broadly it supports almost all old and new android devices and offers extensive language and industry specific dictionary add-ons for android users, making texting and typing in multiple languages on the device keyboard very easy.  

Adaptxt Features and Options

It does offer a lot of features like Add on Manager, themes and layout to make keyboard look different, the keyboard also adapts with the font you have selected on your android device. You can enable the auto correction mode and you can enable to show the accent bubbles and yes you also have the facility to type with voice and you can also do continuous swipe finger typing but this application will get this feature in next update.  


ATR – Automatic Shortcut Replacement

You also have automatic shortcut replacement which you see on iOS devices, with this app you can enjoy this feature under which you can specify some text as shortcut to write a long or short sentence


Download Adaptxt For Android Smart Phones | Adaptxt For Android Tablets | Cost = Free


To conclude this can be one of the best app for many students out there as they can type as fast they can if they install this keyboard on their android phones, and more important in their own local language mixed with english.

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